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201. Immigration and Racism in Japan: Litmus test for liberal democracy?

202. Japan’s Diplomacy in 2030

203. Far, Far More Than Meets the Eye: Extended Deterrence in Complex Crises in Northeast Asia

204. Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies 2020

205. Strategic Ambivalence: Japan’s Conflicted Response

206. Japanese Views of South Korea: Enough is Enough

207. South Korean Views of Japan: A Polarizing Split in Coverage

208. The Diplomatic Conflict between South Korea and Japan: Has the Candlelight Revolution become the Curse of Liberal Democracy?

209. Is Japan the “Britain” of East Asia? A Geopolitical Analysis of Japan’s Long-term Strategy on the Korean Peninsula

210. Spring 2020 edition of Contemporary Eurasia

211. Labour Market Impacts of Import Penetration from China and Regional Trade Agreement Partners: The Case of Japan

212. Economic Damage from Natural Hazards and Local Disaster Management Plans in Japan and Thailand

213. Robotics Technology and Firm-level Employment Adjustment in Japan

214. Restoring Strategic Competence: How to Manage Northeast Asian Alliance Dilemmas amid a Nuclear North Korea

215. The Butterfly Effect: Why does Eastern Europe matter to Japan?

216. Indo-Japan Dialogue in the 20th Century and Cultural Heritage in the New World Order

217. The Beginnings of East Asian Art History and India in Japanese Traditions

218. Looking West. The Rise of Asia in the Middle East

219. Blue Economies of the Indian Ocean Region: Japan’s Role in Transition to Sustainable Development and Growth

220. Why Canada Must Embrace a Free and Open Indo-Pacific

221. Japan at a Political and Strategic Crossroads: Complex Strategic Choices and a Balancing Act?

222. U.S. Dynamic Force Employment and the Pandemic: Implications for the U.S.-Japan Alliance

223. China’s Response to Climate Change: A Study in Contrasts and a Policy at a Crossroads

224. Supporting full participation of mothers in the labour market: Childcare-related leave policy lessons from East Asian economies

225. The Belt and Road Initiative: The Sources of China’s Conduct, and India and Japan’s Responses

226. Change and Continuity in Japan-Russia Relations: Implications for the United States.

227. Financial Development in Myanmar and the Role of Japan

228. A Guide to Japan’s Space Policy Formulation: Structures, Roles and Strategies of Ministries and Agencies for Space

229. Wartime Experiences and Indigenous Identities in the Japanese Empire

230. WTO'ing a Resolution to the China Subsidy Problem

231. Are Central Banks Out of Ammunition to Fight a Recession? Not Quite.

232. Fiscal Policy Options for Japan

233. Character Reform: Egypt’s Year of Education

234. UN Human Rights Council Elections for 2020-2022 and the Responsibility to Protect

235. China Global Security Tracker, No.5

236. North Korea’s Shift to Diplomacy in 2018: A Result of U.S. Pressure or North Korean Security Calculus?

237. A Canadian Primer to the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, June 28-29, 2019

238. The Role of the Philippines in the World

239. The Relationship between the United Nations Command and Japan: 1950 to 2018

240. The Origins of the Korean Language: A Linguist’s Perspective

241. American Public Backs US Military Presence in Japan

242. The Cornerstone and the Linchpin: Securing America’s Northeast Asian Alliances

243. The Contents of Power: Narrative and Soft Power in the Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies

244. A Spark Beyond Time and Place: Ogawa Shinsuke and Asia

245. Words and Their Silos: Commercial, Governmental, and Academic Support for Japanese Literature and Writing Overseas

246. Exporting ‘Content’ in the Face of Indifference

247. Japan: A Nuclear State?

248. The Impact of Economic Globalisation on Firm Performance and the Labour Market: Evidence from Japan

249. The Art of Summitry

250. Japan and the United States: The Future of Global Partnership