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151. Japan, Hikari Kikan, and Subhash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army: The Defining, Yet Unfinished 1940s Connect

152. Elevating the Australia-Japan Strategic Partnership to “a new level”: challenges and responses

153. Answering Beijing’s Growing Assertiveness beyond the Senkakus: Balancing Japan-China Relations

154. Strategic Annual Report 2020

155. Rethinking Human Security amid the Coronavirus Crisis: Thoughts on Japan's Contributions During and After the Pandemic

156. Japan's Leadership on Aging Societies

157. The New Taiwan Clause: Taiwan and the Security of Japan

158. Europe should not neglect its capital markets union

159. To Beat China On Tech In Emerging Markets, Learn From It: Competing with China on 5G and future technologies

160. ASPI - Embassy of Japan 1.5 Track Dialogue on Responsible Behaviour in Space

161. Japan's Foreign Policy Under Kishida

162. U.S. Security Ties With Korea and Japan: Getting Beyond Deterrence

163. Kishida’s Onerous Task After the General Election: The Promotion of Democracy in Domestic and World Politics

164. The China Challenge Prompts Recovery of a Strained ROK-Japan Relations: Analyzing ROK-Japan Relations Through the 9th Joint Korea-Japan Public Opinion Survey

165. Advancing a Rules-based Maritime Order in the Indo-Pacific

166. 21st Century Technologies, Geopolitics, and the US-Japan Alliance: Recognizing Game-changing Potential

167. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Political Warfare and Propaganda

168. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Special Issue on Strategic Culture

169. Pugwash Note on Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

170. Japan on the Borderlines: Is Japan Still a Civilian Power?

171. WTO Industrial Subsidy Regulation: US-EU-Japan Joint Statement of January 2020 and Afterwards

172. A Peace Regime for the Korean Peninsula

173. The “Indo-Pacific” Concept: Geographical Adjustments and their Implications

174. The New “Rare Metal Age”: New Challenges and Implications of Critical Raw Materials Supply Security in the 21st Century

175. Maritime Issues in the Indo-Pacific: Building a Shared Vision of "Free and Open"

176. Understanding and Reducing Military Vulnerabilities of Civilian Nuclear Plants: The Case for the Northeast Asia

177. What might have been: Globalization on the medal stand at the Tokyo Olympics

178. Japan’s Trade Policy in the Midst of Uncertainty

179. Towards an Even Stronger Japan-US Alliance

180. The dynamic impact of FX interventions on financial markets

181. A Hard Look at Hard Power: Assessing the Defense Capabilities of Key US Allies and Security Partners—Second Edition

182. Learning to Love Trade Again

183. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Naval Integration and the Future of Naval Warfare

184. Japan and South Korea Can Lead Post-Pandemic East Asia

185. Quantifying the Demand, Supply, and Welfare Effects of Natural Disasters Using Monthly Trade Data

186. Japan and the Visegrad 4: The Unsensational Strategic Partners

187. Mining and R&D of Rare Earth Elements: Prospects, Challenges, and Avenues for Indo-Japan Partnership

188. Searching for a middle path: ASEAN and the “Indo Pacific”

189. Institutionalizing Defense Cooperation Agreements: A Contextual Study of India & Japan’s First 2+2 Foreign & Defense Ministerial Meet

190. Japan and the Indian Ocean Region: Engagement for Capacity-Building, Regional Security, and Ports Development

191. Tariffs and Monetary Policy: A Toxic Mix

192. Emerging technologies and the future of US-Japan defense collaboration

193. Democracy under siege: Advancing cooperation and common values in the Indo-Pacific

194. C-Suite Challenge™ 2020: Japan Edition

195. Challenges and Responses to COVID-19: Experience from Asia

196. New Zealand Picks up on the Indo-Pacific

197. Next Steps for US-Japan Collaboration on Energy Infrastructure

198. United States‐Japan Cooperation on Democracy and Equity Should Tackle Gender and Racial Justice

199. Japan’s Counter‐Strike Debate amid the post‐Prime Minister Abe Leadership Race

200. Measuring Shinzo Abe’s Impact on the Indo‐Pacific