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501. European Appeasement of Iran Endangers National Security in Europe

502. Iran Strengthens its Land Route to Damascus

503. The Political Situation in Iraq in Light of Mass Protests

504. Strong Position How Iran Dealt with Recent Developments in Manbij

505. Potential Gains: Why Did India Exempt the Iranian Oil Payments from Taxes?

506. Consolidating Influence: Reasons Behind Appointing Sadeq Larijani to Head the Expediency Council

507. A Reflecting Mirror: How Does the “Past” Still Influence Middle East Dynamics?

508. Maneuvering: Why Iran is Cozying up to Taliban?

509. Preemption: How Iran Is Reacting to the Warsaw Summit

510. Possible Repercussions: Why is Iran Interested in the Venezuelan Crisis?

511. Tough Test: Baghdad’s Options Amid the Iranian-US Escalation

512. The Last Option: Impact of the Battle for Idlib on the Syrian Conflict

513. Extreme Messages Reasons: Behind Appointing Ebrahim Raisi as Chief of the Judiciary

514. Consequences of Alignment: Why do Qatar and Turkey oppose designating the Pasdaran as a terror group?

515. Cautionary Anticipation: How did Iran deal with the newly imposed American Sanctions?

516. Iran attacks Saudi Arabia

517. The Iranian Empire Cracks, at Home and Abroad

518. Iraq: Evading the Gathering Storm

519. Examining the Response of Baloch Sunnis to the Ethno-Religious Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

520. Defying the System: The Origins of Anti-Westernism in the Non-Western World and the Case of Iran

521. The Rising Crisis between the United States and Iran

522. Does Hezbollah Want a War with Israel Now?

523. Russia and Iran: Is the Syrian Honeymoon Over?

524. Countering Hybrid Warfare: So What for the Joint Force?

525. Not Our War: Iraq, Iran and Syria’s Approaches towards the PKK

526. An Application of Expected Utility Modeling and Game Theory in IR: Assessment of International Bargaining on Iran’s Nuclear Program

527. Multiple Dualities: Seeking the Patterns in Iran’s Foreign Policy

528. Do Trump’s Sanctions on Iran Fulfill Their Objectives?

529. The Islamic Revolution at 40

530. A Realistic Path for Progress on Iran

531. Two-pronged approaches: considerations in the US-Iran showdown

532. Two-pronged approaches: considerations in the US-Iran showdown

533. Russia and Iran in Syria— a Random Partnership or an Enduring Alliance?

534. The Domestic Politics of Nuclear Choices

535. INSTC vs. BRI: The India-China Competition Over the Port of Chabahar and Infrastructure in Asia

536. Islamic Countries Engage with China Against the Background of Repression in Xinjiang

537. Strengthening the Economic Arsenal: Bolstering the Deterrent and Signaling Effects of Sanctions

538. In Dire Straits? Implications of U.S.-Iran Tensions for the Global Oil Market

539. Escalation or Negotiation? Conclusions of a Tabletop Exercise on the Future of U.S.-Iran Relations

540. January 2019 Issue

541. March 2019 Issue

542. August 2019 Issue

543. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (2015) on Restricting Iran’s Nuclear Program and Russia-Iran Relations Century | İran’ın Nükleer Enerji Programı’nın Sınırlandırılmasına İlişkin Kapsamlı Ortak Eylem Planı (2015) ve İran-Rusya İlişkileri

544. The Battle for Regional Dominance Between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran

545. National Security Strategy of Iran and North Korea

546. Trade Update 2019: Transfers, Transparency, and South-east Asia Spotlight



549. Iran Looking East: An Alternative to the EU?

550. US-Iran Showdown Begins in Iraq