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251. Mutual Concessions: Did al-Kadhimi’s visit to Tehran achieve its objectives?

252. Religious Aspects of the Iran-Azerbaijan Conflict: Is There a Danger of a New Hybrid War?

253. Iran-Azerbaijan Confrontation: Threats and Challenges

254. The Interests of Turkey and Iran in Afghanistan: Threats and Challenges

255. Celebrating Ashura in Syria

256. Post-War Situation in the South Caucasus Region

257. “Maximum Pressure” Harms Diplomacy and Increases Risks of War with Iran

258. Iran: The Riddle of Raisi

259. Iranian Illicit Procurement Scheme to Acquire Controlled Spectrometry Systems Busted

260. Accidental Allies: The US–Syrian Democratic Forces Partnership Against the Islamic State

261. A Strategy to Contain Hezbollah: Ideas and Recommendations

262. Iranian Perceptions of the U.S. Soft Power Threat

263. Ditransitive Constructions in Zaza Language

264. The Legacy of the Iranian Hostage Crisis

265. Greece and Israeli-Turkish relations

266. Sanctions by the Numbers: Spotlight on Iran

267. Reengaging Iran: A New Strategy for the United States

268. Sanctions by the Numbers: The Geographic Distribution of U.S. Sanctions

269. Countering Iran in the Gray Zone: What the United States Should Learn from Israel’s Operations in Syria

270. January 2020 Issue

271. February 2020 Issue

272. June 2020 Issue

273. October 2020 Issue

274. State and Social Movements in Iran: Phases of Contentious Activism

275. The Significance of Targeting Soleimani

276. On Iran: Don’t Snap Back, Step Up

277. Sanctions, Scarcity, and the Depressing Reality of Iranian Healthcare

278. Iraq’s Power Sector: Problems and Prospects

279. Sanctions and the End of Trans-Atlanticism: Iran, Russia, and the Unintended Division of the West

280. Does Soleimani’s Death Matter? Findings from a 2019 Workshop

281. Arab, Iranian, and Turkish Responses to President Trump’s Impeachment

282. Centering Iraq Policy on Human Rights and Fair Elections Michael Knights

283. Europe Is Creating an Opportunity for Iran Talks, and Washington Should Take It

284. Idlib and Its Environs: Narrowing Prospects for a Rebel Holdout

285. Iranian Succession and the Impact of Soleimani’s Death

286. Eight Reasons Why the United States and Iraq Still Need Each Other

287. Iran’s Supreme Leader Responds to the Soleimani Assassination

288. Establishing a Response Ratio for Iranian and Proxy Attacks

289. New Khamenei Speech Underlines the Importance of Popular Support for the Regime

290. Escalating Houthi Offensives in Yemen: U.S. Options

291. The Coronavirus in Iran (Part 2): Regime Culpability and Resiliency

292. The Coronavirus in Iran (Part 1): Clerical Factors

293. Who Is Esmail Qaani, the New Chief Commander of Iran’s Qods Force?

294. Reading Trump in Tehran

295. Understanding EU-MENA Relations: Current and Changing Dynamics

296. Majority of Iranians Oppose Development of Nuclear Weapons

297. Americans Feel Less Safe after Killing of Soleimani

298. Implications of the Proposed China-Iran deal for India

299. How Do International Sanctions End? Towards a Process-Oriented, Relational, and Signalling Perspective

300. Talking to the Houthis: How Europeans can promote peace in Yemen