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101. How Iran’s Protests Differ from Past Movements

102. Scoring Iraq’s New Government: Metrics for Preserving U.S. Interests

103. Snapback Sanctions on Iran: More Bark Than Bite?

104. The Tenacity of Young Iranians in the Protest Movement

105. A Stabilizing Factor: Oman’s Quiet Influence amid Mounting Uncertainty in the Gulf

106. Linking Foreign Policy and Energy Security: Iran-Pakistan gas Pipeline

107. Forecasting Iranian Government Responses to Cyberattacks

108. Ontological Security and Iran’s Missile Program

109. Russia’s War on Ukraine: Iran’s Growing Role and the Nuclear Threat

110. Iran’s Protests 3 Months On

111. Vienna: A return to Ben-Gurion’s WW2 Dual Strategy?

112. The Meeting Between Assad and Khameini: What was on the Table?

113. Latest Killings in Iran May Indicate a Notable Shift in Israeli Strategy

114. The US Defense Establishment’s Role in Shaping American Regional Strategy

115. Israel Caves to Bad Maritime Deal

116. The 2022 protests in Iran

117. Biden’s Foreign Policy Casts a Long Shadow

118. Understanding the Russia-Iran-Israel Triangle

119. US Policy Towards the Yemeni Conflict Must Change

120. Big brother is watching: Evolving relations between Iran and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

121. Lost in transition: The Muslim Brotherhood in 2022

122. Sanctions Against Russia: Five Lessons from the Case of Iran

123. COVID-19 in the MENA: Two Years On

124. Islamic Republic or Islamic Monarchy? The Possible Transfer of Power in Iran to the Supreme Leader's Son

125. Difficulties in the Negotiations with Iran: Implications for Israel

126. The Iranian-Russian-Turkish Summit in Tehran

127. Tehran Heightens the Pressure as it Strives to Thwart a Regional Air Defense System

128. The Iranian Nuclear Program Advances, with only a Slim Chance of Restoring Nuclear Agreement

129. Growing Disagreements between President Raisi and his Conservative Rivals

130. Demonstrations in Iran in Protest of the Sharp Rise in Prices of Basic Goods

131. Iraq-Gulf Relations: An Anchor for Stability and Restraining Iranian Involvement in the Region?

132. Stalemate in Talks with Iran on a Return to the Nuclear Agreement

133. The Second Republic of Iran: Is Iran Moving toward a Constitutional Change?

134. Iran's Nuclear Policy: Nature, Ambition, and Strategy

135. Solemeini’s Revenge from Cyberspace: A Blatant Escalation

136. The Abraham Accords - Israel and the Middle East - What Next?

137. Additional Losses: Examining the severity of the protests' impact on Iran's economy

138. Mutual Aims: Turkish-Iranian targeting of Iraq’s Kurds

139. Iran Protests: Limitations of foreign support to protests

140. Stalling: Analysing Iran’s written response to EU nuclear deal draft

141. Holding the Hard-line: What is behind Iran’s seizure of Greek ships in Arabian Gulf?

142. Iranian Jews in Israel, Protests, and the Palestinians

143. Iran and the United Nations: Breaking New Ground at the Human Rights Council, Is the Commission for the Status of Women Next?

144. Targeting Financial Entities outside Iran to Counter Tehran’s Economic Strategy

145. Can Negotiations and Diplomacy Break the US–Iran Impasse?

146. A Strategic Proxy Threat: Iran’s Transnational Network

147. Growing Azerbaijani–Central Asian Ties Likely to Trigger Conflicts With Russia and Iran

148. Iran Seeks to Reroute North-South Transport Corridor to Armenia, Away From Azerbaijan

149. Iran’s Resistance Axis Rattled by Divisions: Asaib Ahl al-Haq’s Leader Rejects the Ceasefire in Iraq

150. Iranian Public Opinion at the Start of the Biden Administration: Report