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51. Arming the Revolution: Trends in Iranian Defense Spending, 2013–23

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67. Gender Apartheid in Iran: Foreign Policy Responses

68. How to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable in European courts

69. The Iran nuclear deal: consequences of moribund diplomacy

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72. Understanding the Baku-Tehran Relationship

73. Undocumented Children in Iran

74. The Inflation Weapon: How American Sanctions Harm Iranian Households

75. Language and Cultural Immersion Build Effective Communication

76. Sanctions Run Amok – The Undermining of U.S. Power

77. Three Presidents, Three Flawed Iran Policies, and the Path Ahead

78. Countering Iran's Regional Strategy: A Long-Term, Comprehensive Approach

79. The Revolution Will Be Televised in Arabic: Iran's Media Infrastructure Abroad

80. Iran's Nuclear Hedging Strategy: Shaping the Islamic Republic's Proliferation Calculus

81. The Israeli Government Falls: New Election and Implications for U.S.-Israel Relations

82. How Iran’s Protests Differ from Past Movements

83. Scoring Iraq’s New Government: Metrics for Preserving U.S. Interests

84. Snapback Sanctions on Iran: More Bark Than Bite?

85. The Tenacity of Young Iranians in the Protest Movement

86. A Stabilizing Factor: Oman’s Quiet Influence amid Mounting Uncertainty in the Gulf

87. Linking Foreign Policy and Energy Security: Iran-Pakistan gas Pipeline

88. Forecasting Iranian Government Responses to Cyberattacks

89. Ontological Security and Iran’s Missile Program

90. Russia’s War on Ukraine: Iran’s Growing Role and the Nuclear Threat

91. Iran’s Protests 3 Months On

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96. Israel Caves to Bad Maritime Deal

97. The 2022 protests in Iran

98. Biden’s Foreign Policy Casts a Long Shadow

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100. US Policy Towards the Yemeni Conflict Must Change