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1. Net-Zero and Nonproliferation: Assessing Nuclear Power and Its Alternatives

2. Iranian Proxies in Iraq and Syria

3. Iran’s 1979 revolution and its resonance today

4. The Gaza War's Regional Reverberations

5. Politicization, Ratification of International Agreements, and Domestic Political Competition in Non-Democracies: The Case of Iran and the Paris Climate Accords

6. Revitalizing the 3+3 Platform: A Formula for a New Regional Security Order?

7. Understanding the Energy Drivers of Turkey’s Foreign Policy

8. South Africa’s Cyber Strategy Under Ramaphosa: Limited Progress, Low Priority

9. Iran’s New Budget Perpetuates Economic Challenges


11. Rethinking the EU’s Approach to Women’s Rights in Iran

12. Anti-Government Demonstrations in Iran: A Long-Term Challenge for the Islamic Republic

13. The Muqawama and Its Enemies: Shifting Patterns in Iran-Backed Shiite Militia Activity in Iraq

14. Trade sanctions and informal employment

15. Holding the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable for atrocity crimes

16. What Losing the Iran Deal Could Mean for the Region

17. Strategic Survival in Syria

18. The Foreign Policy of Post-Revolutionary Iran: Expediency at the Crossroad of Suprra-Nationalism and Soverignty

19. tarr Forum: Iran and the Struggle for 'Normalcy': Woman, Life, Freedom

20. De-escalation Efforts: What Tehran wants from a prisoner swap deal with Washington?

21. A Bid to Contain Pressure: What are the motives behind Iranian President's East Africa tour?

22. The Israeli ThreatL What is driving the renewed escalation between Iran and Azerbaijan?

23. A Long Shot: Chances of reviving the JCPOA following FM’s Moscow visit

24. Second Meeting in Beijing: China-Facilitated Iran-Saudi diplomatic reconciliation efforts amid US apprehensions

25. Nuclear Threshold: Implications of Iran’s enriching uranium to 84% purity

26. Facing Pressure: Iran executes former Defence Minister

27. Encircling Damascus: Iran’s Foreign Minister Visits Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey

28. Protests in Iran in comparative perspective: A revolutionary state in trouble

29. Shades of grey: The evolving links between the Houthi and Iran

30. Politics of Sports in the Middle East

31. Iran’s Defence Industry: What’s in Stock for Russia?

32. New Canal Threatens the Peace Between the Taliban and Central Asia

33. The Shah’s Son and the Future of Iranian Opposition

34. Biden’s Middle East Balancing Act: Iran’s Nuclear Program and Saudi-Israeli Ties

35. Iran and the ‘Axis of Resistance’ Vastly Improved Hamas’s Operational Capabilities

36. Bankrupting Iran’s Empire of Terror

37. NATO’s Black Sea Frontier Is the Southern Shore of the Caspian Sea

38. The System Is Blinking Red over Iran

39. Strength in Unity: A Sustainable US-Led Regional Security Construct in the Middle East

40. Petroleum and Progress in Iran: An Interview with Gregory Brew

41. Disarming the Bomb: Distilling the Drivers and Disincentives for Iran's Nuclear Program

42. CTC Sentinel: June 2023 Issue

43. Iranian Turks In Nation-Building Process: First Pahlavi Era

44. The Transition from Nationalism to Islamism in Iran’s Foreign Policy

45. Strategic Hedging or Alignment? Qatar’s Foreign Policy Toward Iran in the Wake of the Blockade Crisis

46. Restoring Competitive Politics: Electoral Contestation and the Future in Turkey and India, and Iran and Russia

47. Is there Eurasian Connectivity without Europe?

48. An Heir and a Spare? How Yemen’s “Southern Hezbollah” Could Change Iran’s Deterrent Calculus

49. The Next Generation of Iranian Ballistic Missiles: Technical Advances, Strategic Objectives, and Potential Western Responses

50. The Regent of Allah: Ali Khamenei's Political Evolution in Iran

51. Arming the Revolution: Trends in Iranian Defense Spending, 2013–23

52. Is Iran Looking to Inspire Shia Homegrown Violent Extremist Attacks?

53. Iran’s Nuclear Endgame Warrants a Change in U.S. Strategy

54. Striking Back: Iran and the Rise of Asymmetric Drone Warfare in the Middle East

55. New Bahrain Poll Reveals Support for Russia, Entente with Iran, Split on Israel

56. Iran’s Misunderstood Nuclear Law

57. Beyond Arms and Ammunition: China, Russia and the Iran Back Channel

58. Iran-Saudi and China Trilateral Agreement: Reshaping the Global World Order

59. Shifting Dynamics in the Middle East: Implications for Pakistan

60. Impacts of Saudi-Israel Relations on the Middle East: An Analysis

61. The Unfulfilled Promise of EU Foreign and Security Policy towards Iran

62. What is Iran's Next Move?

63. Iran and the Israel-Hamas War

64. Saudi Arabia’s Balancing Game: The Palestinian Cause and Regional Leadership

65. China’s Grand Vision and the Persian Gulf

66. The Representation of the Iranian Nuclear Program in the American Media

67. Eden Denied: Environmental Decay, Illicit Activities, and Instability in Iraq’s Southern Border Area

68. How Will a Revival of the JCPOA Affect Regional Politics and Iranian Militias?

69. Starr Forum: Republics of Myth: National Narratives and the US-Iran Conflict

70. The Russian-Iran Partnership in a Multipolar World

71. Afghanistan: Where US-Iranian interests may yet intersect

72. Biden’s Foreign Policy Casts a Long Shadow

73. Understanding the Russia-Iran-Israel Triangle

74. US Policy Towards the Yemeni Conflict Must Change

75. Sino-Iranian Relations and Their Impact on South and Central Asia

76. Prospects for Pax Caucasia? The 3+3 Regional Cooperation Initiative

77. Understanding the Baku-Tehran Relationship

78. Undocumented Children in Iran

79. Big brother is watching: Evolving relations between Iran and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

80. Lost in transition: The Muslim Brotherhood in 2022

81. Sanctions Against Russia: Five Lessons from the Case of Iran

82. COVID-19 in the MENA: Two Years On

83. Islamic Republic or Islamic Monarchy? The Possible Transfer of Power in Iran to the Supreme Leader's Son

84. Difficulties in the Negotiations with Iran: Implications for Israel

85. The Iranian-Russian-Turkish Summit in Tehran

86. Tehran Heightens the Pressure as it Strives to Thwart a Regional Air Defense System

87. The Iranian Nuclear Program Advances, with only a Slim Chance of Restoring Nuclear Agreement

88. Growing Disagreements between President Raisi and his Conservative Rivals

89. Demonstrations in Iran in Protest of the Sharp Rise in Prices of Basic Goods

90. Iraq-Gulf Relations: An Anchor for Stability and Restraining Iranian Involvement in the Region?

91. Stalemate in Talks with Iran on a Return to the Nuclear Agreement

92. The Second Republic of Iran: Is Iran Moving toward a Constitutional Change?

93. Iran's Nuclear Policy: Nature, Ambition, and Strategy

94. Solemeini’s Revenge from Cyberspace: A Blatant Escalation

95. A new climate for peace: How Europe can promote environmental cooperation between the Gulf Arab states and Iran

96. Seven Myths about the Iran Nuclear Deal

97. How to Target Iran’s Kleptocracy

98. Los Estados medio-orientales en su competencia por recursos y alianzas en África subsahariana (2000-2021)

99. Risk and Responsibility: Managing Future Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction Threats

100. October 2022 Issue