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1. Iranian Proxies in Iraq and Syria

2. Revitalizing the 3+3 Platform: A Formula for a New Regional Security Order?

3. Understanding the Energy Drivers of Turkey’s Foreign Policy


5. The Foreign Policy of Post-Revolutionary Iran: Expediency at the Crossroad of Suprra-Nationalism and Soverignty

6. De-escalation Efforts: What Tehran wants from a prisoner swap deal with Washington?

7. A Bid to Contain Pressure: What are the motives behind Iranian President's East Africa tour?

8. The Israeli ThreatL What is driving the renewed escalation between Iran and Azerbaijan?

9. Encircling Damascus: Iran’s Foreign Minister Visits Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey

10. Bankrupting Iran’s Empire of Terror

11. The System Is Blinking Red over Iran

12. Strength in Unity: A Sustainable US-Led Regional Security Construct in the Middle East

13. The Transition from Nationalism to Islamism in Iran’s Foreign Policy

14. An Heir and a Spare? How Yemen’s “Southern Hezbollah” Could Change Iran’s Deterrent Calculus

15. The Regent of Allah: Ali Khamenei's Political Evolution in Iran

16. Is Iran Looking to Inspire Shia Homegrown Violent Extremist Attacks?

17. Iran’s Nuclear Endgame Warrants a Change in U.S. Strategy

18. Striking Back: Iran and the Rise of Asymmetric Drone Warfare in the Middle East

19. Beyond Arms and Ammunition: China, Russia and the Iran Back Channel

20. The Unfulfilled Promise of EU Foreign and Security Policy towards Iran

21. Iran and the Israel-Hamas War

22. Saudi Arabia’s Balancing Game: The Palestinian Cause and Regional Leadership

23. China’s Grand Vision and the Persian Gulf

24. Gender Apartheid in Iran: Foreign Policy Responses

25. Starr Forum: Republics of Myth: National Narratives and the US-Iran Conflict

26. The Russian-Iran Partnership in a Multipolar World

27. Biden’s Foreign Policy Casts a Long Shadow

28. Sanctions Against Russia: Five Lessons from the Case of Iran

29. Seven Myths about the Iran Nuclear Deal

30. How to Target Iran’s Kleptocracy

31. Los Estados medio-orientales en su competencia por recursos y alianzas en África subsahariana (2000-2021)

32. The Inflation Weapon: How American Sanctions Harm Iranian Households

33. Sanctions Run Amok – The Undermining of U.S. Power

34. Three Presidents, Three Flawed Iran Policies, and the Path Ahead

35. Countering Iran's Regional Strategy: A Long-Term, Comprehensive Approach

36. The Revolution Will Be Televised in Arabic: Iran's Media Infrastructure Abroad

37. Iran's Nuclear Hedging Strategy: Shaping the Islamic Republic's Proliferation Calculus

38. The Israeli Government Falls: New Election and Implications for U.S.-Israel Relations

39. Scoring Iraq’s New Government: Metrics for Preserving U.S. Interests

40. The Tenacity of Young Iranians in the Protest Movement

41. A Stabilizing Factor: Oman’s Quiet Influence amid Mounting Uncertainty in the Gulf

42. Linking Foreign Policy and Energy Security: Iran-Pakistan gas Pipeline

43. Russia’s War on Ukraine: Iran’s Growing Role and the Nuclear Threat

44. Korea's Economic Presence in Iran under Trump and Its Prospects during the Biden Presidency

45. Holding the Hard-line: What is behind Iran’s seizure of Greek ships in Arabian Gulf?

46. Saudi Arabia: A Colossus with Clay Feets/Arabia Saudí: Un coloso con los pies de barro

47. Beyond Borders: Middle East in Empire, Diaspora, and Global Transitions (Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy, Spring 2021)

48. Strategic Report

49. President Biden: Try for a Double Play on Iran and Afghanistan

50. The Netanyahu Doctrine: A paradigm shift in the State of Israel's foreign policy/La Doctrina Netanyahu: Un Cambio de Paradigma en la Política Exterior del Estado de Israel

51. Toward an Inclusive Security Arrangement in the Persian Gulf

52. Iranian Politics Leading Up to the 2021 Presidential Elections and US Influences

53. Iran's New Legislation for Escalation and Options for the New US Administration

54. Moscow's Central Role: Have the Rules of Engagement Changed in Syria after the recent Israeli Strikes?

55. Curtailing Tehran: Breaking down the validation of Israeli conjectures if Damascus is constraining Iranian military activities

56. The Battle of Time: Why is Washington showing little interest in Iran's presidential elections?

57. The Post-Rouhani Era: The future of US-Iranian relations under Raisi

58. Iranian Public Opinion at the Start of the Biden Administration: Report

59. The Coming Iran Nuclear Talks: Openings and Obstacles

60. US-Iran Relations After Trump: The Path to Peace is Open

61. The Interests of Turkey and Iran in Afghanistan: Threats and Challenges

62. Baku Parade Whispers Geopolitical Complexities in the South Caucasus

63. Iran in Syria: From Expansion to Entrenchment

64. Hizballah’s Gain, Lebanon’s Pain

65. Four Scenarios for the Iran Nuclear Deal

66. Turkey and Iran: Parallel Islam imperialist ambitions for the Middle East

67. Assessing the US strategy in Iraq

68. Potential Cooperation: Iranian Possible Cooperation with Taliban to Curb Threats

69. Mutual Concessions: Did al-Kadhimi’s visit to Tehran achieve its objectives?

70. Religious Aspects of the Iran-Azerbaijan Conflict: Is There a Danger of a New Hybrid War?

71. The Interests of Turkey and Iran in Afghanistan: Threats and Challenges

72. Post-War Situation in the South Caucasus Region

73. “Maximum Pressure” Harms Diplomacy and Increases Risks of War with Iran

74. A Strategy to Contain Hezbollah: Ideas and Recommendations

75. Iranian Perceptions of the U.S. Soft Power Threat

76. Does Soleimani’s Death Matter? Findings from a 2019 Workshop

77. Arab, Iranian, and Turkish Responses to President Trump’s Impeachment

78. Centering Iraq Policy on Human Rights and Fair Elections Michael Knights

79. Establishing a Response Ratio for Iranian and Proxy Attacks

80. New Khamenei Speech Underlines the Importance of Popular Support for the Regime

81. The Coronavirus in Iran (Part 2): Regime Culpability and Resiliency

82. The Coronavirus in Iran (Part 1): Clerical Factors

83. Who Is Esmail Qaani, the New Chief Commander of Iran’s Qods Force?

84. Reading Trump in Tehran

85. Understanding EU-MENA Relations: Current and Changing Dynamics

86. Majority of Iranians Oppose Development of Nuclear Weapons

87. How Do International Sanctions End? Towards a Process-Oriented, Relational, and Signalling Perspective

88. Iran’s foreign policy: Buying time until the US presidential elections

89. The Battle for the Soul of Islam

90. Implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Stability of Iran and the Regional Situation

91. Coronavirus: An Ethical Question in the US-Iran Showdown

92. A Thick Cloud in the US-Iran Climate

93. The U.S.-Iran Showdown: Clashing Strategic Universes Amid a Changing Region

94. Into Orbit: Iran’s Nour 1 Satellite and the Two-Wing Doctrine

95. Structural Shifts and Regional Security: A View from Israel

96. Turkey Is Building a Geopolitical Alliance Between Sunni and Shiite Islamists

97. Prospects for European and U.S. Policy toward Iran

98. Greece and Israeli-Turkish relations

99. Sanctions by the Numbers: Spotlight on Iran

100. Sanctions by the Numbers: The Geographic Distribution of U.S. Sanctions