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1. Circular Business Models: Policy Enablers for Plastic Packaging Alternatives in India

2. The State of India’s Pollution Control Boards: Who is in the field?

3. Submission to the Commission on Air Quality Management in NCR and Adjoining Areas (CAQM)

4. Fly Ash Management in India: A Critique of existing and proposed frameworks

5. Toward Accountable Nuclear Deterrents: How Much is Too Much?

6. Parameters for Developing Cross-border Sustainable Infrastructure

7. Comments on the Draft EIA Notification 2020

8. Pursuing a Clean Air Agenda in India During the COVID Crisis

9. Reuse and Recycling of Faecal Sludge-derived Biosolids in Agriculture

10. Faecal Sludge Treatment Facilities – Land and Environmental Clearances Research

11. Should Regulators Make Electric Utilities Pay Customers for Poor Reliability?

12. Sustainability and Ancient Wisdom

13. State-led Responses to the Indian Energy Challenge: Infrastructure Expenditure, Central Public Sector Enterprises and Electrification

14. Fuel Subsidy Reform and Green Taxes: Can Digital Technologies Improve State Capacity and Effectiveness?

15. Historical injustice and “Bogus” claims: Large infrastructure, conservation and forest rights in India

16. Making the Law Count: Environment justice stories on community paralegal work in India (Version 2)

17. Closing the Enforcement Gap: A community led groundtruthing of the expansion of a National Highway Project in Uttara Kannada

18. Synthesis Report on State of Water: A Look at the Legal and Regulatory Framework Governing Water Services across Jurisdictions

19. Closing the Enforcement Gap: Groundtruthing of Environmental Violations in Bodai-Daldali, Chhattisgarh

20. Ecological Fiscal Transfers and Subnational Budgets: Did Forest-Based Fiscal Devolution Lead Indian States to Increase Forestry Expenditure?

21. Closing the Enforcement Gap: Community-led Groundtruthing of Environmental Violations in Mormugao, Goa

22. Building Regulations For Faecal Sludge Management: Review of Building Regulations From Indian States

23. Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban): Need vs Planning

24. Caring for the coast- Building regulatory compliance through community action

25. Using Law to Combat Water Pollution

26. A Policy Proposal for Green Jobs in India A Quantitative Analysis on Inclusivity of Green Jobs

27. Himalayan Impasse: How China Would Fight an Indian Border Conflict

28. Comments on Draft National Energy Policy

29. From Prior to Post: Legalising environmental violations?

30. Paralegals for Environmental Justice (Version 2.0)

31. Penalising Environmental Violations: An Analysis of The Ministry’s Proposal

32. How Effective are Environmental Regulations to Address Impacts of Industrial and Infrastructure Projects in India

33. Could the G-20 Become Coherent on Climate?

34. Reforming the Liability Regime for Air Pollution in India

35. Elaborating in the INDC context

36. The Institutionalisation of Climate Policy in India: Designing a Development-Focused, Co-Benefits Based Approach

37. Improving livelihoods through conservation and education

38. Sustainability Coffee Certification in India

39. Promoting conservation in India by greening coffee

40. India's Role in a Changing Afghanistan

41. New Nuclear Suppliers Encouraging Responsible Nuclear Supply by China, Republic of Korea, and India

42. Shale gas: Negotiating new energy, export finance and environmental equations

43. Socioeconomic and Ecological Consequences of Biofuel Development in India

44. Assessing EU Leadership on Climate Change. The Limits of Diffusion in EU Relations with China and India

45. World Bank (ABCs of the IFIs Brief)

46. Global Energy Markets in a Time of Political Change

47. Who Drives Change? Comparing the Evolution of Domestic Climate Governance in India and South Africa

48. Environmental diplomacy: Saving the Sundarbans and restoring the India-Bangladesh relationship

49. The EU and the global climate regime: Getting back in the game

50. Less Smoke, More Mirrors: Where India Really Stands on Solar Power and Other Renewables

51. The Formation of Preferences in Two-level Games: An Analysis of India's Domestic and Foreign Energy Policy

52. Where was united Africa in the climate change negotiations?

53. Venture Capital Investment in the Greentech Industries: A Provocative Essay

54. Options for Reforming the Clean Development Mechanism

55. Preventing the Tragedy of the CO2 Commons: Exploring China's Growth and the International Climate Framework

56. How Do the BRICs Stack Up? Adding Brazil, Russia, India, and China to the Environment Component of the Commitment to Development Index

57. Environmental Management and Conflict in Southeast Asia – Land Reclamation and its Political Impact

58. Clean Air for Asia - China - India - Japan - United States Cooperation to Reduce Air Pollution in China and India

59. Reducing Urban and Industrial Pollution in India

60. Environmental Stress and Human Security in Northern Pakistan