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1. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece


3. The Normalization of Political Violence and the 2023 Legislative Elections in Greece

4. The Greek Defence Sector: Turning the Page?

5. Domestic implementation of European Court of Human Rights’ judgments related to immigration in Greece

6. The Syrian Civil War Twelve Years On: Can There Be a Constructive Role for Greece?

7. Drafting Greece’s “Internal Security Strategy” – Challenges and Prospects

8. Diplomatic scramble: Greek foreign policy towards Libya

9. Breaking the Stalemate in the Study of the Relationship of Mutual Military Buildups, Arms Races, and Militarized Disputes: The Greece-Turkey/Ottoman Empire Cases

10. Defence expenditure and public debt in Greece: A non-linear relationship

11. NATO's Strategic Concept: Implications for Greece and Türkiye

12. COSCO in Piraeus: Investment Embeddedness and the Question of Chinese 'influence'

13. Between Erdogan, Mitsotakis, and Biden: The Evolving Ankara-Athens-Washington Triangle

14. Turkey's ‘Precious Loneliness’ vs. Greece's Multilateralism

15. Nationalism, enmity and reconciliation: Turkish party supporters’ polarized views on Greece

16. Cooperation against the odds: Getting small firms to work together in unfavourable circumstances

17. Adapting to New Realities: Israel’s foreign policy in post-Netanyahu times

18. Using RRF resources to kick-start a job-rich recovery in Greece

19. Georgian-Greek Relations: Building a Strategic Dimension

20. Greece and Turkey in the world today: the public’s view

21. Local community views on Marine Protected Areas on Greek islands

22. Regional power competition in the Eastern Mediterranean: the return of naval power and the changes technology brings

23. Achieving qualitative superiority: Greek conscription and the Turkish threat

24. Household Wealth Inequalities in the wake of the Greek Debt Crisis

25. Transparency policy in Greece: From citizen empowerment to anticorruption and open data

26. What is the agenda for the Eastern Mediterranean?

27. Greco-Turkish relations at their lowest ebb

28. Holding the Hard-line: What is behind Iran’s seizure of Greek ships in Arabian Gulf?

29. The US economic presence in Greece – George Tzogopoulos

30. How to make I.T. in Greek Manufacturing: Evidence and Policy Recommendations

31. The Eastern Mediterranean conflict: From Turkey-Greece confrontation to regional power struggles

32. Making Connectivity Work: Transforming the Port of Thessaloniki into a Top Hub for Southeast Europe and Beyond

33. Emigration and Fiscal Austerity in the Greek Depression

34. Citizens’ views on fake news and false narratives about the European Union – FACTS project

35. Greece, Russia and the EU: The Way Forward

36. The Digital Markets Act (DMA): Between European autonomy and transatlantic cooperation

37. Nudging for Recovery: Behavioral Economics and the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

38. The role of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean conflict zone: A country transformed and a glimpse into the future

39. Skills mismatch in the Greek labour market: insights from a youth survey

40. Greece’s Rise as a Trans-Mediterranean Power: Greece’s Eastern Mediterranean strategic shift to Europe-to-Africa and Europe-to-Middle East connectivity

41. Turkish drones, Greek challenges

42. Greek Diaspora in an uncertain world

43. Revisiting and going beyond the EU-Turkey migration agreement of 2016: an opportunity for Greece to overcome being just “Europe’s aspis”

44. Ahead of the five-party meeting: Convergences and bridgeable differences towards the reunification of Cyprus

45. A fresh start for Greece-Libya relations: A view from Nicosia

46. The ‘Magnificent Seven’ of European Defence Integration

47. Public Administration in the era of Covid-19: Policy Responses and Reforms underway

48. Turkey-Greece: From Maritime Brinkmanship to Dialogue

49. China’s Influence in Southeastern, Central, and Eastern Europe: Vulnerabilities and Resilience in Four Countries

50. Modern Monetary Theory Meets Greece and Chicago