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1. Sanctions and the Economic Consequences of Higher Oil Prices

2. Trade and the Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure

3. Capitalism Recoupled

4. Can adjustment costs in research derail the transition to green growth?

5. The Political Economy of Law Enforcement

6. Supporting a Public Purpose in Research & Development: The Role of Tax Credits

7. Business & Peace 2021

8. A Behavioural Perspective on the Drivers of Migration: Studying Economic and Social Preferences Using the Gallup World Poll

9. Risk Shocks and Divergence between the Euro Area and the US in the aftermath of the Great Recession

10. Information in the First Globalization: News Agencies and Trade

11. World Interest Rates and Macroeconomic Adjustments in Developing Commodity Producing Countries

12. The Economic Impact of Political Instability and Mass Civil Protest

13. Thinking Outside the Container: A Machine Learning Approach to Forecasting Trade Flows

14. Restructuring Sovereign Bonds: Holdouts, Haircuts and the Effectiveness of CACs

15. The evolving gender gap in labor force participation during COVID-19

16. GARCH Analyses of Risk and Uncertainty in the Theories of the Interest Rate of Keynes and Kalecki

17. Firm Profits and Government Activity: An Empirical Investigation

18. Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling: ICT Skills and Labour Market Opportunities

19. Exploring ‘Non-Tariff Measures Black Box’: Whose Regulative NTMs on Which Products Improve the Imported Quality?

20. The Economic Impact of Tax Changes, 1920–1939

21. Cryptocurrencies and All That: Two Ideas from Monetary Economics

22. Better Two Eyes than One: A Synthesis Classification of Exchange Rate Regimes

23. Poor Substitutes? Counterfactual methods in IO and Trade compared

24. Long-Term Macroeconomic Projections of the World Economy

25. Melons as Lemons: Asymmetric Information, Consumer Learning and Seller Reputation

26. Sorting, Matching and Economic Complexity

27. National Development Delivers: And How! And How?

28. Let’s Take the Con Out of Randomized Control Trials in Development: The Puzzles and Paradoxes of External Validity, Empirically Illustrated

29. Cordon of Conformity: Why DSGE models Are Not the Future of Macroeconomics

30. Country Risk

31. The Updated Okun Method for Estimation of Potential Output with Broad Measures of Labor Underutilization: An Empirical Analysis

32. Bagehot for Central Bankers

33. Why do Sovereign Borrowers Post Collateral? Evidence from the 19th Century

34. Inflation? It’s Import Prices and the Labor Share!

35. The Erroneous Foundations of Law and Economics

36. The Global Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Second Wave and Policy Implications

37. Financialisation Reinforced: The Enduring Legacy of the Covid Pandemic

38. Does COVID-19 Change the Long-Term Prospects of Latecomer Industrialisation?

39. Opportunities and Limits of CO2 Recycling in a Circular Carbon Economy: Techno-economics, Critical Infrastructure Needs, and Policy Priorities

40. Oil Intensity: The Curiously Steady Decline of Oil in GDP

41. The Global Energy Crisis: Implications of Record High Natural Gas Prices

42. Low inflation bends the Phillips curve around the world

43. What might have been: Globalization on the medal stand at the Tokyo Olympics

44. How the G20 can hasten recovery from COVID-19

45. Central bank policy sets the lower bound on bond yields

46. Automatic stabilizers in a low-rate environment

47. Global value chains and the removal of trade protection

48. A program for strengthening the Federal Reserve's ability to fight the next recession

49. Penicillin and the Antibiotic Revolution

50. Scaling Up Alternatives to Capitalism: A Social Movement Approach to Alternative Organizing (in) the Economy.

51. Growth Models and the Footprint of Transnational Capital

52. Central Bank Digital Currencies: Tools for an Inclusive Future?

53. Ecological Threat Register: Understanding ecological threats, resilience and peace

54. Global Terrorism Index 2020: Measuring the impact of terrorism

55. Positive Peace Report 2020: Analysing the factors that sustain peace

56. Modeling Myths: On the Need for Dynamic Realism in DICE and other Equilibrium Models of Global Climate Mitigation

57. Who’s Responsible Here? Establishing Legal Responsibility in the Fissured Workplace

58. Firm-Level Exposure to Epidemic Diseases: Covid-19, SARS, and H1N1

59. Consumer Sovereignty and the Role of Government Intervention

60. Water Conflict Pathways and Peacebuilding Strategies

61. Prices, Profits, Proxies, and Production

62. Child Skill Production: Accounting for Parental and Market-Based Time and Goods Investments

63. Marriage, Children, and Labor Supply: Beliefs and Outcomes

64. Perceived and Actual Option Values of College Enrollment

65. Self-Employment and Development

66. Volume 70 Issue 1

67. Volume 70 Issue 2

68. Global giants and local stars: How changes in brand ownership affect competition

69. MULTIPRIL: a new database on multilateral price levels and currency misalignments

70. Corporate tax avoidance and industry concentration

71. Grey Zones in Global Finance: the Distorted Geography of Cross-Border Investments

72. Cross-border Investments and Uncertainty Firm-level Evidence

73. Does Birthplace Diversity affect Economic Complexity? Cross-country Evidence

74. Restraining Ourselves: Helping by Not Hurting

75. Big Tech, Antitrust, and Breakup

76. New Productivity Drivers: Revisiting the Role of Digital Capital, FDI and Integration at Aggregate and Sectoral Levels

77. Robotisation, Employment and Industrial Growth Intertwined Across Global Value Chains

78. Global Peace Index 2020: Measuring peace in a complex world

79. COVID-19 and Peace: Preparedness for the post-pandemic recovery

80. The impact economy: balancing profit and impact

81. Forecasting exchange rates of major currencies with long maturity forward rates

82. Transcending History’s Heavy Hand The Future in Economic Action

83. Imperfect competition in product and labour markets. A quantitative analysis

84. Not every time is the right time for real-time marketing: branding in the COVID-19 pandemic

85. How Developing Countries Can Manage the COVID-19 Economic Impact

86. Foreign exchange intervention: A new database

87. Populist Leaders and the Economy

88. Estimating the prevalence: Properties of the estimator regarding specificity and sensitivity of the underlying test

89. Labor force participation, job search effort and unemployment insurance in the laboratory

90. Refugees’ Integration into the Austrian Labour Market: Dynamics of Occupational Mobility and Job-Skills Mismatch

91. The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak and Its Political/Economic Impact on China

92. Assessing State Capacity Libertarianism

93. Economic Liberalizations Around the World Since 1970: Shock Therapy Versus Gradualism

94. Bundled-Payment Models Around the World: How They Work and What Their Impact Has Been

95. Emerging Suppliers in the Global Arms Trade

96. Coronavirus and Managing Your Organization’s Response

97. Born Out of Necessity: A Debt Standstill for COVID-19

98. In Defense of Alternatives to Pollution Pricing

99. Inclusive American Economic History: Containing Slaves, Freedmen, Jim Crow Laws, and the Great Migration

100. Eternal return on capital: Nihilistic repetition in the asset economy