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1. Food Systems in the Pacific: Addressing Challenges in Cooperation with Europe

2. Achieving Inclusive and Innovative Growth with Competition Policies

3. EU – Pacific Talks: H2 – Hydrogen Hype

4. To Regulate, or Not to Regulate? Subsidies for Foreign Enterprises, Climate Change, and Currency Undervaluation

5. Commercial Space in Europe: A Balancing Act between Physics, Politics and Profession

6. Trade Liberalization along the Firm Size Distribution: The Case of the EU-South Korea FTA

7. Henchman, Rebel, Democrat, Terrorist: The YPG/PYD during the Syrian conflict

8. Same-Sex Marriage and the Liberal Transformation of Ireland

9. Japan’s Trade Policy in the Midst of Uncertainty

10. The Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Strategic Pillar for the European Battery Alliance

11. Understanding EU-MENA Relations: Current and Changing Dynamics

12. The Trade Effects of the Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States: Early Empirical Insights from Panel Data

13. EASTERN MONITOR: Western Balkans in the fight against the COVID-19: Another cause for democratic backsliding?

14. The Impact of Sanctions Imposed by the European Union against Iran on their Bilateral Trade: General versus Targeted Sanctions

15. Money, Stability, and Free Societies

16. China, Italy and COVID-19: Benevolent Support or Strategic Surge?

17. From Strategic Autonomy to the Internationalization of the Euro: Europe's Challenges and the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

18. The COVID-19 Pandemic and European Security: Between Damages and Crises

19. Time for a European Climate and Sustainable Development Bank

20. Resilience Is Dead. Long Live Resilience?

21. Between God and the Sugar Dates: Lessons for a "Geopolitical" EU from the US–Iran Crisis

22. A Tale of Two Unions: Africa, Europe and a Pragmatic Investment in Multilateralism in Times of COVID-19

23. COVID-19: Which Effects on Defence Policies in Europe?

24. Beyond Coronabonds: A New Constituent for Europe

25. WTO Industrial Subsidy Regulation: US-EU-Japan Joint Statement of January 2020 and Afterwards

26. New Directions for EU Civil Society Support: Lessons From Turkey, the Western Balkans, and Eastern Europe

27. EU Code of Practice on Disinformation: Briefing Note for the New European Commission

28. Indo-Pacific as the Main Arena of the U.S.-China Rivalry

29. Primary Dealer Systems in the European Union

30. The Future of (Negative) Emissions Trading in the European Union

31. Comparative Advantage in (Non-)Routine Production

32. The Investment Screening Regulation and its screening ground "security or public order": how the WTO law understanding undermines the Regulation's objectives

33. On the Economic Effects of a Reallocation of EU Cohesion Policy Expenditures

34. Swap-Shop: Time for a Deal in Kosovo?

35. The Global Impact of Brexit Uncertainty

36. Women’s Participation in High-Level Decision Making

37. Study and Reports on the VAT Gap in the EU-28 Member States: 2019 Final Report

38. EuroPACE Market Analysis

39. EU28 legal and fiscal readiness for the adoption of an on-tax financing mechanism - EuroPACE

40. The Economic and Monetary Union: Past, Present and Future

41. The Impact of the State on the Quality of an Economic System: A Cross-Country Analysis

42. The Sanctions Policy of the European Union: Multilateral Ambitions Versus Power Politics

43. Social Networks: The Fight Against Illegal Content in Germany

44. Migration and Cohesion in Europe: a Challenge, not a Contradiction

45. Assessing Europe's Space Dependency and Its Implications

46. Offshore Wind Power Floating in its Industrial and Technological Dimension

47. The Strategic Role of Land Forces: A French Perspective

48. Another Story from the "Refugee Crisis". Resettlement in Small Towns and Rural Areas in France

49. Prospects for the New EU Strategy on India: Game Changer or Business as Usual?

50. (De)globalization of International Plastic Waste Trade: Stakes at Play and Perspectives

51. Migration: Solid Nations and Liquid Transnationalism? The EU’s Struggle to Find a Shared Course on African Migration 1999-2019

52. The Influence of EU Migration Policy on Regional Free Movement in the IGAD and ECOWAS Regions

53. Governing Digital Trade – A New Role for the WTO

54. Economic Mobility across Generations: Old versus New EU Member States

55. Supporting or Thwarting? The Influence of European Union Migration Policies on African Free Movement Regimes in West and North-Eastern Africa

56. Countdown for Brexit: What to Expect for UK, EU and Turkey?

57. EU Trade Policy amid the China-US Clash: Caught in the Cross-Fire?

58. Making Sanctions Smarter: Safeguarding Humanitarian Action

59. Deconstructing the EU’s “Standards of Civilisation”: The Case of Turkey

60. The Coming of Ages of the EU Strategic Thinking on Asia Part 2: Understanding Each Other Challenges: Towards a New Partnership with Japan

61. European Migrant Crisis: Health and Policy Implications

62. The European Union energy transition: key priorities for the next five years

63. The European Union and the Law of Treaties: A Fruitful Relationship

64. European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani

65. Brigitte Bierlein, Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria

66. L’ambivalence de la politique d’armement britannique vis-à-vis de l’Europe (The Ambivalence of British Arms Policy Towards Europe)

67. How to make the European Green Deal work

68. Horizontal and Vertical Diversity: Unintended Consequences of EU External Migration Policy

69. Unintended Consequences of EU External Action

70. Unintended Consequences of State-building Projects in Contested States: The EU in Palestine

71. Unintended Consequences of EU Democracy Support in the European Neighbourhood

72. EU External Action, Intention and Explanation

73. The Future of the European Union: Scenarios for the Start of the New Legislature

74. Conceptualising Differentiated Integration: Governance, Effectiveness and Legitimacy

75. A Long-Term Perspective on NATO and the Multinational Order

76. On European Power

77. Civilian Crisis Management: Assessing the Readiness of EU Member States and Institutions

78. Narratives of Political Unity in Times of Differentiation

79. How Europe Should Approach China

80. Alternative Directions for Israeli Foreign Policy on the Eve of an Election Year

81. Guiding Principles for Israel’s Foreign Policy toward the EU

82. Toward a New EU Democracy Strategy

83. Six Ideas for Rejuvenating European Democracy

84. EU Defense Cooperation: Progress Amid Transatlantic Concerns

85. Climate Politics in a Fragmented Europe

86. EU Funding of Illegal Palestinian Settlement in Area C

87. Global E-Commerce Talks Stumble on Data Issues, Privacy, and More

88. WTO'ing a Resolution to the China Subsidy Problem

89. EU Trade Policy amid the China-US Clash: Caught in the Cross-Fire?

90. Brexit: Everyone Loses, but Britain Loses the Most

91. Global Migrant Remittances – A New Development Finance Paradigm?

92. Soft vs Hard Governance for Labour and Environmental Commitments in Trade Agreements: Comparing the US and EU Approaches

93. Study and Reports on the VAT Gap in the EU-28 Member States: 2018 Final Report

94. Virtual currencies and their potential impact on financial markets and monetary policy

95. Economic recovery and inflation

96. Enhancing Credibility and Commitment to Fiscal Rules

97. Is a Fiscal Policy Council needed in Poland?

98. Thinking about pension systems for the 21st century: A few remarks based on the Polish example

99. From Energy to Climate Security: The EU’s Evolving Views

100. Building Trust and Confidence in International Security: A Conversation with OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger