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1. UK-EU Relations Tracker Q3

2. The Polish Economy 2023 and Beyond: How to Mend Home Loans

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11. Six Takeaways from Two Years of Russia-Ukraine War

12. The Russia-Ukraine War and Implications for the European Defence Industry

13. NATO’s Posture vis-a-vis Russia: Features and Challenges

14. The Future of the Belt and Road in Europe: How China’s Connectivity Project is Being Reconfigured across the Old Continent – and What It Means for the Euro-Atlantic Alliance

15. Challenges to Transatlantic Digital Infrastructure: An EU Perspective

16. Chips: EU’s Ambition in a Transatlantic Technology Bridge

17. The Mattei Plan for Africa: A Turning Point for Italy’s Development Cooperation Policy?

18. The Italy-Africa Summit 2024 and the Mattei Plan: Towards Cooperation between Equals?

19. Factsheet: Alp Services

20. Factsheet: Operation Luxor

21. The Role of the Consumer and Systemic Policy Mixes for Circular Business Models in the EU

22. 9 candidates in the running for the presidential election in Finland. Towards a 2nd round: Alexander Stubb (KOK) - Pekka Haavisto (Greens)?

23. Right and left running neck and neck three weeks before the snap general elections in Portugal

24. Towards a duel between Peter Pellegrini and Ivan Korcok in the Slovak presidential election?

25. Will the Democratic Union (HDZ) remain in power in Croatia?

26. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda is expected to be re-elected

27. European Election: Red Alert!

28. A New Security Order for Europe

29. The German 'Schuldenbremse' crisis: a symptom to be taken seriously in Europe

30. Ukraine's European Aspirations

31. The BRICS, a geopolitical challenge overlooked by the European Union

32. The Defence of Europe by Europeans: a myth, a necessity, an ambition, a hope?

33. The various causes of the agricultural crisis in Europe

34. 2024, a European political year - through the eyes of women

35. Agriculture: an adjustment variable in trade agreements?

36. Some little-known effects of global warming

37. Sino-Russian relations in a geopolitical Europe

38. Has the time come for European defence?

39. Health for the Europeans, who cares?

40. The European Union enlarged from 27 to 36 members? Towards an "Agenda 2030"

41. New European Challenges: the "Schuman" lesson

42. Unity Versus Division in South East Europe on Global Conflict Issues

43. Confronting Compassion Fatigue: Understanding the Arc of Public Support for Displaced Populations in Turkey, Colombia, and Europe

44. The Russia Factor in China’s Relations with the West

45. The Regional Security Complex Theory and Energy Triangle of EU-TurkeyRussia

46. NATO PA's Role in Consolidating Article 2 of the Atlantic Alliance Treaty

47. Defining Peace: A content analysis of Brazil's, China's, and the European Union's discourses on the Ukraine War

48. Japan’s Strategic Cooperation with NATO: Connectivity between Ukraine and Taiwan Crises

49. NATO's New Ambitions for Space

50. European Solar PV Manufacturing: Terminal Decline or Hope for a Rebirth?