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81. Forced migration, aid effectiveness, and the humanitarian–development nexus: The case of Germany’s P4P programme

82. Welfare losses, preferences for redistribution, and political participation: Evidence from the United Kingdom’s age of austerity

83. European aid to the MENA region after the Arab uprisings: A window of opportunity missed

84. The violent legacy of fascism: Neofascist political violence in Italy, 1969–88

85. ‘Ten pound touts’: post-conflict trust and the legacy of counterinsurgency in Northern Ireland

86. Harnessing allied space capabilities

87. Integrating US and allied capabilities to ensure security in space

88. Beyond launch: Harnessing allied space capabilities for exploration purposes

89. Kazakhstan could lead Central Asia in mitigating the world’s energy and food shortages

90. Undermining Ukraine: How the Kremlin employs information operations to erode global confidence in Ukraine

91. Implementing NATO’s Strategic Concept on China

92. China and the new globalization

93. Authoritarian kleptocrats are thriving on the West’s failures. Can they be stopped?

94. Impact of economic sanctions on net commodity-producing and net commodity-consuming countries

95. Strategic Survival in Syria

96. Building Resilience? The Cybersecurity, Economic & Trade Impacts of Cloud Immunity Requirements

97. The Economic Dividend of Competitiveness

98. Building a Mature UK Trade Policy

99. In Support of Market-Driven Standards

100. What is Wrong with Europe’s Shattered Single Market? – Lessons from Policy Fragmentation and Misdirected Approaches to EU Competition Policy