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9801. Agriculture and Supranationalism: A Comparative Study on North American and West European Policy-Making Experiences

9802. European Integration and Franco-German Relations: Erbreindschaft or Engrenage?

9803. Environmental Protectionism and Comparative Observations in West Europe and North America

9804. Strategic Images: Perceptions of Russia in the USA and of America in Russia

9805. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 5: September 9, 1998

9806. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 4: August 31, 1998

9807. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 3: August 27, 1998

9808. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 2: August 25, 1998

9809. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 1: August 20, 1998

9810. Modelling a Multi-Ethnic Society

9811. Subregional Relations in the Southern Tier: Prospects for Development

9812. Subregional Cooperation and the European Union

9813. Rival Views Of Postcommunist Market Society

9814. Building a Composite Polity: Popular Contention in the European Union

9815. How Will the European Union Meet the 21st Century

9816. Muddling Through? A Strategic Checklist for the United States in the Post-Cold War World

9817. Prospects for Europe and the Atlantic Alliance at Century's End

9818. Security Issues for Russia in the New International Context

9819. Conflict Management and European Security: The Problem of Collective Solidarity

9820. New Security Challenge or Old? Russia's Catch—22