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1. Economic Priorities in Post-war Ukraine

2. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece

3. The Future of EU Blended Finance and Guarantees: An Assessment of Cooperation Strategies with Least Developed Countries in Africa

4. Cooperation against the odds: Getting small firms to work together in unfavourable circumstances

5. The Second Phase of the EU Southern Gas Corridor: Which role for Azerbaijan?

6. EU-Africa relations ahead of the EU-AU Summit: Taking stock, looking forward

7. Understanding the Cost-Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccination in Nigeria

8. Energy in the Eastern Mediterranean

9. Through the Lenses of Morality and Responsibility: BRICS, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

10. The Winding Road to Marrakech: Lessons from the European Negotiations of the Global Compact for Migration

11. Russia Futures: Three Trajectories

12. Two Shades of Blue: Europe and the Pacific Islands, Strategic Partners in the Indo-Pacific Era

13. Analyzing European Union Institutions’ Flows for Total Official Support for Sustainable Development

14. Europe Cannot Wait for Unity

15. China's Development Assistance to the Western Balkans and Its Impact on Democratic Governance and Decision-Making

16. Switching from Cash to Cashless Payments: Consumer Behavior Evidence From Kosovo

17. The United nations and Sustainable Development: UNDP in the Fight Against Poverty in Montenegro

18. Istanbul Journal of Economics: Volume 72 Issue 1

19. The European strategy for a 'New Deal' with Africa

20. Germany and the UK: Perspectives for Deepening the Bilateral Dialogue on Development Policy

21. Europe’s Global Gateway: A New Geostrategic Framework for Development Policy?

22. Ten Recommendations for Germany’s Feminist Development Policy

23. The EU-CEAP Impacts on Developing Countries: An Analysis of the Plastic Packaging, Electric Vehicles and Batteries Sectors

24. Just Transitions: A Review of How to Decarbonise Energy Systems While Addressing Poverty and Inequality Reduction

25. Destination-Country Policies to Foster Diaspora Engagement in Development

26. Is EU leading the way to becoming a global change in business and human rights?

27. Advancing the Role of the OSCE in the Field of Climate Security

28. Updating the European industrial strategy for the post-pandemic world

29. Snakes, rats and drug addicts used to dwell here – analysis of the narrative utilised to capture the state

30. Cybersecurity Policy Dev elopement and Capacity Building - Increasing Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans

31. The Contribution of Parliament's to Sustainable Development Goal 16 Through Security Sector Governance and Reform

32. Poland's Reason of State in the Creation of a New International Order. Foreign Policy as Poland's Reason of State in the 21st Century

33. Two Birds, One Budget: Using ODA for Influence and Development in the Indo-Pacific?

34. Translating Results-Based Financing from Theory to Operational Reality: Lessons from the Practical Application of RBF at the European Commission

35. Rethinking Humanitarian Reform: What Will it Take to Truly Change the System?

36. Incentivising Investment in Human Capital through the European Fund for Sustainable Development

37. Household Food Waste Developments: A Comparison of Progress in the European Union and the United States

38. How Can Europe Deliver on the Potential of Talent Partnerships?

39. EU Strategy on Voluntary Return and Reintegration: Crafting a Road Map to Better Cooperation with Migrants’ Countries of Origin

40. Migration Management and Border Security: Lessons Learned

41. Pork, infrastructure and growth: Evidence from the Italian railway expansion

42. Great Britain and Africa: Boris Johnson's Strategic Reversals

43. Europe’s Capacity to Act in the Global Tech Race: Charting a Path for Europe in Times of Major Technological Disruption

44. The Belarusian Revolution of 2020: Afterword

45. Climate of cooperation: How the EU can help deliver a green grand bargain

46. Commemorating 50 Years of 'Outcast London'

47. Covid-19 prompts the EU and the Netherlands to rethink global health

48. Preparatory Study for the Evaluation of Denmark's Development Cooperation on Climate Change Adaptation: Overviews and analysis of Danish support to adaptation from 2008-2018

49. Opportunities for Danish stabilisation policy to engage with climate- and livelihood-related conflict: New approaches to fragility in the Horn of Africa and Sahel

50. Renewable energy in Africa is about more than climate change: Aid needed for both clean energy and local capacity