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1. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Identity, History, and Conflict

2. The Ukraine War: Preparing for the Longer-Term Outcome



5. Fiscal support and monetary vigilance: Economic policy implications of the Russia-Ukraine war for the European Union

6. Starr Forum: The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict: A prologue to WWIII or another frozen conflict?

7. Determinants of China's Policy Towards the War in Ukraine

8. The Impact of the Russian Aggression Against Ukraine on the EU's Economy

9. Russia's Wartime Censorship and Propaganda

10. Germany in the Shadow of War and Inflation: Six Months of the Scholz Government

11. How Russia Fights

12. The war in Ukraine and the future of Russia-China relations

13. Environment in Times of War: Climate and Energy Challenges in the Post-Soviet Region

14. Russia's War and The Future of European Order

15. Vengeful Citizens, Violent States: A Theory of War and Revenge, Rachel Stein

16. From Struggle to Permanent Failure Why the Karabakh Attempt at Secession Failed

17. Future warfare, future skills, future professional military education

18. Mission Command of Multi-Domain Operations

19. Turkish AK Parti’s Posture towards the 2003 War in Iraq The Impact of Religion amid Security Concerns

20. The Srebrenica Genocide: A Testament to Persistence in “The Last Refuge”

21. Hitting Home: Cyber-Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine and Its Impact on the United States

22. Ottomanism at its Final Gasp: Memoirs of the Ottomans on Duty in Arab Provinces during World War I

23. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Naval Integration and the Future of Naval Warfare

24. Coming Home to Roost: War Threatens to Spill Beyond Syria’s Borders

25. Devil in the Detail: Local versus regional approaches to peace in Donbas

26. Migraciones, deportaciones, colonización y geopolítica durante las guerras dácicas de Trajano (101-106 d.C.) (Migrations, Deportations, Colonization and Geopolitics during Trajan’s Dacian Wars (101 -106 AD))

27. Biowar next? Security implications of the coronavirus

28. Not Our War: Iraq, Iran and Syria’s Approaches towards the PKK

29. Beyond Outrage

30. The Risks of Foreign Fighters in the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

31. Hybrid Warfare and Deniability as Understood by the Military

32. Is the World on the Road to Peace or War?

33. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Superpowers

34. The Increasing Importance of Hybrid Politics in Europe: Cyber Power Is Changing the Nature of Politics

35. The ad bellum Challenge of Drones: Recalibrating Permissible Use of Force

36. Belarus-West Relations: The New Normal

37. he Economic forces of victory versus those of defeat: The case of the Greek-Turkish war (1919-1922).

38. War by Other Means

39. The socialization between the professional groups of the foreign policy. The case of the institutionalization of the French civil-military activities in former Yugoslavia | La socialisation entre groupes professionnels de la politique étrangère Le cas de l’institutionnalisation des activités civilo-militaires françaises en ex-Yougoslavie

40. A 'Bastard' Feudal State: Governance by the Military Class in Late Medieval England

41. A Look Back at NATO’s 1999 Kosovo Campaign: A Questionably "Legal" but Justifiable Exception?

42. Her Excellency Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, President of the Republic of Croatia

43. Migration and Refugee Governance in the Mediterranean: Europe and International Organisations at a Crossroads

44. The Migration and Asylum Crisis as a Transformative Shock for Europe. Brief Thoughts on the Eve of the Next Summit

45. A Russian View on Landpower

46. Humanity Considerations Cannot Reduce Wars Hazards Alone: Revitalizing the Concept of Military Necessity

47. Indignation, Ideologies, and Armed Mobilization: Civil War in Italy, 1943–45

48. Cosmos, chaos: finance, power and conflict

49. 1914 and 2014: should we be worried?

50. Recalcitrance and initiative: US hegemony and regional powers in Asia and Europe after World War II