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1. A Year After Euromaidan: Pro-European Forces Wins the New Parliament

2. Guests And Hosts: European Retirees In Coastal Turkey

3. Negotiating Modernity and Europeanness in the Germany-Turkey Transnational Social Field

4. Stuck on the Way to Europe? Iranian Transit Migration to Turkey

5. The Rise of China and Chinese International Relations

6. Democratization and Relations with the EU in the AK Party Period: Is Turkey Really Making Progress?

7. Euro-Turks in the Contemporary European Imaginary

8. A Muslim Mystic Community in Britain: Meaning in the West and for the West

9. Jews: The Making of a Diaspora People

10. Habermas and European Integration: Social and Cultural Modernity Beyond the Nation-State

11. From Democracy to Military Dictatorship: Egypt 2013 = Chile 1973

12. Turkey's Ergenekon Imbroglio and Academia's Apathy

13. Multiple Modernities and Postsecular Societies

14. Turkey and the EU: Looking Beyond the Pessimisms

15. The Crisis and Governance of Religious Pluralism in Europe

16. The Kurdistan Regional Government Elections: A Critical Evaluation

17. Civilizational Discourse, the 'Alliance of Civilizations' and Turkish Foreign Policy

18. Bringing the European Union Back on the Agenda of Turkish Foreign Policy

19. The Worlds of European Constitutionalism, Gráinne de Búrca and J.H.H. Weile

20. Institutional Change in Turkey The Impact of European Union Reforms on Human Rights and Policing, Leila Piran

21. Dynamics of Energy Governance in Europe and Russia

22. Picknick mit den Paschas: Aleppo und die levantinische Handelsfirma Fratelli Poche (1853-1880) Mafalda Ade

23. he Story of Islamic Philosophy

24. European Union and Turkey in the Post Arab Spring Era: Mapping Strategic Interests in the Turbulent Neighborhood

25. How and Why the West Reacted to the Arab Spring: An Arab Perspective

26. Turkey and the European Union: Processes of Europeanization, with index

27. Against Massacre: Humanitarian Interventions in the Ottoman Empire 1815-1914

28. The Seljuqs: Politics, Society and Culture

29. Was Huntington Right? Revisiting the Clash of Civilizations

30. Imperial Legacies and Neo-Ottomanism: Eastern Europe and Turkey

31. The EU's Security Policy Towards Africa: Causes, Rationales and Dynamics

32. Converging Europe: The Transformation of Social Policy in the Enlarged European Union and in Turkey

33. US Presidents and Foreign Policy Mistakes

34. September 11, 1683: Myth of a Christian Europe and the Massacre in Norway

35. Cyprus: A Last Window of Opportunity?

36. Turkey in the Balkans: Taking a Broader View

37. Turkey: A Short History By Norman Stone . The Ottoman Crimean War (1853-1856) By Candan Badem . Orienting Istanbul: Cultural Capital of Europe Edited by Deniz Göktürk, Levent Soysal, Ipek Türeli

38. Russian Eurasianism: An Ideology of Empire, by Marlene Laruelle

39. Exploring the Caucasus in the 21st Century: Essays on Culture, History and Politics in a Dynamic Context

40. Refining the Story of the Financial Crises in Europe and the USA

41. Allies with the Infidels, the Ottoman and French Alliance in the Sixteenth Century by Christine Isom Verhaaren

43. The European Union and Central Asia edited by Alexander Warkotsch

44. Producing Islamic Knowledge, Transmission and Dissemination in Western Europe edited by Martin van Bruinessen and Stefano Allievi

46. Turkey's EU Journey: What Next?

47. The Positive Agenda and Beyond: A New Beginning for the EU-Turkey Relations?

48. Turkey and the Arab Spring: Between Ethics and Self-Interest

49. The EU's "Rhetorical Entrapment" in Enlargement Reconsidered: Why Hasn't It Worked for Turkey?

50. The Geopolitics of Support for Turkey's EU Accession: A View from Lithuania

51. Representations and Othering in Discourse: The Construction of Turkey in the EU Context

52. Democracy in Turkey: The Impact of EU Political Conditionality

53. Rise of Think Tanks: Foreign Policy and National Security Culture in Turkey

54. Global Salafism: Islam's New Religious Movement

55. Islam in Europa: Religiöses Leben heute. Ein Portrait ausgewählter islamischer Gruppen und Institutionen. (Islam in Europe. Religious Life Today: A Portrayal of Select Islamic Groups and Institutions)

56. Whither an Axis Shift: A Perspective from Turkey's Foreign Trade

57. Marc David Baer, Honored by the Glory of Islam: Conversion and Conquest in Ottoman Europe

58. Turkey's "Demonstrative Effect" and the Transformation of the Middle East

59. Nevra Necipoglu, Byzantium Between the Ottomans and the Latins: Politics and Society in the Late Empire

60. Selen B. Morkoç, A Study of Ottoman Narratives on Architecture: Text, Context and Hermeneutics

61. Identités culturelles et citoyenneté européenne. Diversité et unité dans la construction démocratique de l'Europe

62. The Ethos of Europe: Values, Law and Justice in the EU

63. Turkish Foreign Policy in the Balkans and "Neo-Ottomanism": A Personal Account

64. Turkey in Europe: Record, Challenges and the Future

65. Emergence of a "Big Brother" in Europe: Border Control and Securitization of Migration

66. The Roots of Balkanization: Eastern Europe C.E. 500-1500

67. A Tradition in Delivering Injustice: Judiciary and Rights in Turkey

68. Guest Editor's Note

69. Turkey and the "New Europe": A Bridge Waiting to be Built

70. Individualization and Institutionalization of Islam in Europe in the Age of Securitization

71. What is Driving the European Debate about Turkey?

72. AK Party's Foreign Policy: Is Turkey Turning Away from the West?

73. The Ashgate Research Companion to the Politics of Democratization in Europe

74. Democratization and Europeanization in Turkey After the September 12 Referendum

75. Attila Marjan, Europe's Destiny: the Old Lady and the Bull

76. Bezen Balamir-Coşkun and Birgül Demirtaş-Coşkun (eds.), Neighborhood Challenge: The European Union and its Neighbors

77. Luk Bouckaert and Jochanen Eynikel (eds.), Imagine Europe: The Search for European Identity and Spirituality

79. Unblocking Turkey's EU Accession

80. Turkey as a Regional Energy Hub

81. On Formulating a New Energy Strategy for Turkey

82. Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in European Gas Supply Security

83. Peter J. Katzenstein (ed.), Civilizations in World Politics: Plural and Pluralist Perspectives

84. Christian Joppke, Veil: Mirror of Identity

85. Corry Guttstadt, Die Tükei, die Juden und der Holocaust

86. A Key to "Democratic Opening": Rethinking Citizenship, Ethnicity and Turkish Nation-State

87. "Democratic Opening", the Legal Status of Non-Muslim Religious Communities and the Venice Commission

88. Turkey's Justice and Development Party through Arab Eyes

89. Compatibility of "Islam" and "Europe": Turkey's EU Accession

90. What Type of Islamism for Europe? Islamism in Germany and the Netherlands

92. The European Union and Political Cleavages in Turkey

93. The Caucasus: Which Role for Turkey in the European Neighborhood?

94. Ulrich Beck and Edgar Grande, Cosmopolitan Europe

95. Future of Energy Transportation in Eurasia after the Georgia Crisis

96. Editor's Note

97. Negotiating Europe: EU-Turkey Relations from an Identity Perspective

98. Europeanization and Nationalism in the Turkish-Greek Rapprochement

99. Turkish Perceptions of the West

100. Islam and Democracy: A False Dichotomy