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1. Adoption Rate and Trends in Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Ethiopia

2. Ethiopia: Basic data

3. Ethiopia: Country outlook

4. Ethiopia: Briefing sheet

5. Ethiopia: Economic structure

6. Ethiopia: Political structure

7. A Very Ethiopian Tragedy: Tigray, the TPLF, and Cyclical History

8. Human Rights Investigations in Ethiopia and Paths Forward for Justice

9. Summers of Strife: From Libya to Ethiopia

10. The Renaissance Dam after the Security Council

11. Mid-Year Update: 10 Conflicts to Worry About in 2021

12. Refugees and Local Power Dynamics The Case of the Gambella Region of Ethiopia

13. Mechanisms for Governing the Water-Land-Food Nexus in the Lower Awash River Basin, Ethiopia: Ensuring Policy Coherence in the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda

14. More Local is Possible: Recommendations for enhancing local humanitarian leadership and refugee participation in the Gambella refugee response

15. Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Agriculture in Ethiopia

16. R2P Monitor, Issue 55, 15 January 2021

17. R2P Monitor, Issue 56, 15 March 2021

18. R2P Monitor, Issue 57, 1 June 2021

19. R2P Monitor, Issue 58, 1 September 2021

20. R2P Monitor, Issue 59, 1 December 2021




24. ‘Designed in Ethiopia’ and ‘Made in China’: Sino-Ethiopian technology collaboration in South-South relations

25. A Transition at Work? The ethnicization of Ethiopia’s informal sector

26. A warm war: Sudan and Ethiopia on a collision course

27. Introducing the Mind-the-Gap Index: A tool to understand urban spatial inequality

28. Trade liberalization, employment, and gender in Ethiopia

29. The nexus between shimglina as ADR and the formal criminal justice system: The case of the Amhara regional state, Ethiopia

30. The curbing of the collective voices of workers in Ethiopia’s state-led industrialisation: The case of the garment sector

31. Violent Ethnic Extremism in Ethiopia: Implications for the Stability of the Horn of Africa

32. Eliminating child marriage in Ethiopia

33. The controversy surrounding marital rape: The controversy surrounding marital rape in Ethiopia

34. A Spiraling Crisis: The different scenarios of Ethiopia’s civil war amid Tigray’s military advancement

35. Ethiopian Perspective: Elections in Strained Dynamics

36. Restoring the Role: The Algerian mediation role in the region, various motivators and challenges

37. Ethiopia: 5-year forecast summary

38. Towards Anticipatory Information Systems and Action: Notes on Early Warning and Early Action in East Africa

39. Ethiopia’s Transition: Implications for the Horn of Africa and Red Sea Region

40. Civil War in the Horn of Africa?: Four Possible Trajectories for Ethiopia

41. Post-workshop Briefing Paper: Preventing a COVID-19 Crisis in Africa

42. Ending the Dangerous Standoff in Southern Somalia

43. Ethiopia’s Challenging Path to the 2020 Ballots

44. The Emergence of Another African Conflict: Egypt, Ethiopia and Geopolitics of the Renaissance Dam

45. The Impact of COVID-19 on Democratic Elections in Africa

46. Predictors of school dropout across Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam

47. 'No Place for Me Here': The challenges of Ethiopian male return migrants

48. The Traumas of Ethiopian Male Migrants: Re-integration efforts must put vulnerabilities at the centre

49. World economy: Liquidity injections buy time for vulnerable economies

50. Exporting out of China or out of Africa? Automation versus Relocation in the Global Clothing Industry

51. Building Blocks and Challenges for the Implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees in Africa

52. African Marxist Military Regimes, Rise and Fall: Internal Conditioners and International Dimensions

53. R2P Monitor, Issue 54, 15 November 2020


55. Conflict and Cooperation in the Eastern Nile: The Role of Business

56. An Analysis of the use of Chemical Pesticides and their Impact on Yields, Farmer Income and Agricultural Sustainability: The Case for Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia

57. Conflict and Cooperation: Transitions in Modern Ethiopian-Sudanese Relations

58. After Flood and Revolution: Sudanese Responses to a Lagging Transitional Government

59. Africa’s Thorny Horn

60. Protecting Stateless Refugees In The United States

61. Threats to Ethiopia’s Fragile Democratic Transition

62. Ethnic Conflict under Ethnic Federalism

63. Indigenous Community-based Natural Resources Management Mechanisms

64. Eritrean refugees struggle after the peace agreement with Ethiopia: Peace and Plight

65. The praxis of combating VAW in Ethiopia: A political interpretation

66. Famine Early Warning and Information Systems in Conflict Settings: Challenges for Humanitarian Metrics and Response

67. An Analysis of Four Case Studies of Youth Migration

68. Examining Alternative Livelihoods for Improved Resilience and Transformation in Afar

69. Africa Lags in Protections against Human Trafficking

70. Keeping Ethiopia’s Transition on the Rails

71. Outmigration from the Horn of Africa

72. Emerging Political Reforms and the Future of Ethiopian Federalism: Policy Options for Stability, Peace, and Development

73. The Triple Nexus in Practice: Toward a New Way of Working in Protracted and Repeated Crises

74. Diplomacy, the Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Deal and its Implications

75. Aspirations and Realities in Africa: Ethiopia’s Quiet Revolution

76. Ethiopia: Economic Development in a Harsh Environment: Part 1

77. Ethiopia: Economic Development in a Harsh Environment: Part 2

78. Beyond Borders and Leaders: Toward Sustainable Peace for Ethiopia and Eritrea

79. Interventions to Reduce Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Settings

80. Technology and Gender Based Violence

81. Between Domestic and Global Politics: The Determinants of Eritrea’s Successful Secession


83. Emerging Political Reforms and the Future of Ethiopian Federalism: Policy Options for Stability, Peace, and Development

84. Resetting Ethiopia: Will the state heal or fail?

85. Building a Big Tent for Agricultural Transformation in Ethiopia

86. Will Ethiopia Finally Achieve Its Potential?

87. Roads and jobs in Ethiopia

88. How Mediation based on African Approaches to Conflict Resolution can Transform the Conflict over the Nile

92. Ethiopia politics: Quick View - Hailemariam Desalegn resigns

94. Africa and the Global Compact on Refugees: Inclusive Policy Responses to Forced Displacement

95. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD): Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan push for cooperation

96. The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and geopolitical tension between Egypt and Ethiopia with Sudan in the mix

97. The Coupling of State and Sharia Justice Systems in a Secular State: The Case of Ethiopia

98. Ethiopia: Key developments

100. Sub-Saharan Africa politics: Elections are routine but democracy is being scaled back