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1. Israel's Relations with Arab Countries: The Unfulfilled Potential

2. "The New Levant": Rationales, implications and future trajectories of the cooperation between Jordan, Iraq and Egypt

3. The Egypt-Israel Common Strategic Agenda

4. Egyptian Mediation between Israel and Hamas Can Be Useful

5. Navigating the Democracy-Security Dilemma in U.S. Foreign Policy: Lessons from Egypt, India, and Turkey

6. Israel's Relations with Key Arab States in 2019

7. Egypt after the Coronavirus: Back to Square One

8. Egypt-Jordan-Iraq: Another Middle East Axis in the Making?

9. Norm and Dissidence: Egyptian Shiʿa between Security Approaches and Geopolitical Stakes

10. Israel and Egypt: Strategic Partnership, Civil Remoteness?

11. Existing and Potential Cooperation between Israel and Key Arab States

12. Existing and Potential Cooperation between Israel and Key Arab States (Snapshot, Mid-2019)

13. Returnees in the Maghreb: Comparing Policies on Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia

14. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Great Power Competition

15. Historical Legacies in Egyptian Security Institutions

16. Unprecedented Pressures, Uncharted Course for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

17. Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy: Spring 2015

18. The Security Question in the post-Mubarak Egypt: The Security Void in Sinai

19. Political and Socio-Economic Change: Revolutions and Their Implications for the U.S. Military

20. Dual Citizenship: Reducing Governance and Protection Gaps

21. The Future of the Sinai Peninsula

22. The Economics of Egypt's Rising Authoritarian Order

23. Getting Democracy Promotion Right in Egypt

24. Military, Political Islam, and the Future of Democracy in Egypt

25. Democracies in the Making: Egypt at the Center of Arab Transitions

26. Democracies in the Making: Egypt at the Centre of Arab Transitions

27. Playing with Fire: Pitfalls of Egypt's Security Tactics

28. Sisi as President: Questionable Legitimacy, Unclear Future

29. Egypt’s Obstructed Horizon: Regime in Crisis and Fragmented Opposition

30. Egypt: North Sinai Crisis Deepens

31. Turkey-Egypt Relations: Incentives to Normalize

32. Whither the Old Order?: The Regional Implications of the Syria Crisis

33. Building a Better US-Gulf Partnership

34. When Camelot Went to Japan

35. Violence Against Copts in Egypt

36. Internet Points of Control as Global Governance

37. Africa's Militaries: A Missing Link in Democratic Transitions

38. Domestic Security in the Maghreb: Deficits and Counter-Measures

39. Transitional justice in Egypt: one step forward, two steps back

40. The Politics of Security Sector Reform in Egypt

41. Türkiye'nin Ortadoğu Politikası

42. Israel's Strategic Concerns over Upheaval in Egypt

43. The Unraveling of the Salih Regime in Yemen

44. The Rise of the Islamists

45. European Security Practices vis-à-vis the Mediterranean: Implications in Value Terms

46. Qatar and Expanded Contours of Small State Diplomacy

47. Egypt's Security Forces: A Key Factor in the Crisis

48. Military Holds Key to Egypt's Future: Interview with Bernard Gwertzman

49. Geo-Economics of European Gas Security: Trade, Geography and International Politics

50. The Obama Administration and Implications for Freedom and Democracy in the Middle East

51. A Hamas Perspective on the Movement's Evolving Role: An Interview with Khalid Mishal, Part II

52. North Africa: New Challenges, Old Regimes, and Regional Security

53. Middle East Perspectives: Conference Proceedings from Gstaad, Switzerland

54. PolicyWatch #1337: Egypt Working to Contain Gaza

55. Egypt: Security, Political, and Islamist Challenges

56. Water, Conflict, and Cooperation: Lessons From the Nile River Basin

57. Al-Qaeda Infiltration of Gaza: A Post-Disengagement Assessment

58. Assessing the Upcoming Bush-Sharon Summit: Clarifying Ambiguity

59. Analyzing the Thaw in Egyptian-Israeli Relations

60. The Iraq Conference in Egypt: Aims, Risks, and Approaches

61. Egypt's New Cabinet: Will New Faces Generate Change?

62. Prospects of Israeli Disengagement: A Status Report

63. Learning from Past Experience: Sinai to Gaza

64. A View from the Arab World: A Survey in Five Countries

65. Fundamentalist terrorism - the assault on the symbols of secular power

66. Reading Between the Lines of the Sharm Al-Shaykh Summit

67. Special Policy Forum Report: Iraq and the Middle East -- A View from Cairo

68. The Defense Monitor: The World At War

69. The Islamic Arab Minority in the Jewish State

70. The Way to Peace Emerged at Madrid: A Decade Since the 1991 Madrid Conference

71. Fatah-Hamas Relations: Rapprochement or Ready to Rumble?

72. Special Policy Forum Report: Sadat's Peace Legacy and Hopes for Arab Liberalism

73. Gamal Mubarak: Successor Story in Egypt?

74. Qaedat Al-Jihad: New Name on the Road to Palestine

75. Religion and Politics in Alexandria

76. Assessing the $959 Million in Accelerated Economic Aid to Egypt

77. Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East Regional Trends, National Forces, Warfighting Capabilities, Delivery Options, and Weapons Effects

78. The Arab-Israeli Military Balance in 2002 Part Four: Trends in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Weapons

79. Europe and North Africa

80. Israel Looks Over the Horizon: Responding to the Threats of Weapons Proliferation

81. Untenable Linkages: Tying a Cessation of Palestinian Violence to an Israeli Settlement Freeze

82. Bright Star: Almost Business As Usual

83. The Global Jihad Brotherhood: Egyptian Islamic Jihad and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

84. The Ibrahim Case and U.S. Egypt Policy: Toward a More Robust Approach

85. At The Bottom Of The Bush-Mubarak Agenda? The Slow Pace Of Political Reform In Egypt

86. Interpretations of Jewish Tradition on Democracy, Land, and Peace

87. A New Paradigm For Arab-Israeli Peacemaking: A Comprehensive Regional System For Security and Cooperation

88. A UN Protection Force For Palestinians: Background And Implications

89. Special Policy Forum Report: Israeli Security Strategy: Facing Multiple Fronts

90. The Multilaterals: Status And Prospects

91. The U.S. Draft Treaty For Syria-Israel Peace: A Textual Analysis

92. Syria and Weapons of Mass Destruction