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1. Britain, Germany, and the Rise of Competitive Virtue Signaling

2. Labor Market Impact of Immigration in the European Union

3. The Unpredictable Course of Naval Innovation – The Guns of HMS Thunderer

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6. Great Britain and Africa: Boris Johnson's Strategic Reversals

7. Imperial Mecca: An Interview with Prof. Michael Low

8. Turkish-Greek Rapprochement in the 1930s: The British Factor as a Third Party

9. Gauging the Gravity of the Situation: The Use and Abuse of Expertise in Estimating the Economic Costs of Brexit

10. The New British Colonialism: British Policy of Influence in the Arab Gulf States after the Withdrawal (1971-1991)

11. In the Shadow of Justice: An Interview with Katrina Forrester

12. Britain's No-Deal Debacle? The Costs at Home and Likely Setbacks Abroad

13. The Geopolitics of Post-Brexit Britain

14. The implications of a no-deal Brexit for the EU

15. Brexit and the British in Spain

16. Brexit and the British in France

17. The Secret Testimony of the Peel Commission (Part II): Partition

18. The Brexit referendum and the rise in hate crime; conforming to the new norm

19. In the Shadow of the British Empire: International Law and the State of Decolonization

20. Morris Motors: How Oxford became a Motor City