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1. Robert Maxwell’s Expectations Gap: Regulation and Reputation in the British Communications Industry, 1981-91

2. Britain, Germany, and the Rise of Competitive Virtue Signaling

3. My British Exequatur, “By Her Majesty’s Command”

4. Looking Beyond England: Slavery, Settler Colonialism and the Development of Industrial Capitalism

5. The Unpredictable Course of Naval Innovation – The Guns of HMS Thunderer

6. Labor Market Impact of Immigration in the European Union

7. Great Britain and Africa: Boris Johnson's Strategic Reversals

8. Imperial Mecca: An Interview with Prof. Michael Low

9. Turkish-Greek Rapprochement in the 1930s: The British Factor as a Third Party

10. Gauging the Gravity of the Situation: The Use and Abuse of Expertise in Estimating the Economic Costs of Brexit

11. The implications of a no-deal Brexit for the EU

12. Britain's No-Deal Debacle? The Costs at Home and Likely Setbacks Abroad

13. Brexit and the British in Spain

14. Brexit and the British in France

15. The Secret Testimony of the Peel Commission (Part II): Partition

16. The Brexit referendum and the rise in hate crime; conforming to the new norm

17. In the Shadow of the British Empire: International Law and the State of Decolonization

18. Morris Motors: How Oxford became a Motor City

19. The Geopolitics of Post-Brexit Britain

20. Britain’s Reckoning with the Future

21. Avoiding “Cuba-sur-Calais” and Other Misadventures on Brexit Island

22. Healing in the Himalayas: Robert Saunders, Surgeon, and the Embassy to Bhutan and Tibet of 1783

23. Regional Development Performance in Council Areas of Scotland with the Highest Percentage of Gaelic Speakers

24. The New British Colonialism: British Policy of Influence in the Arab Gulf States after the Withdrawal (1971-1991)

25. In the Shadow of Justice: An Interview with Katrina Forrester

26. A Short-Sighted Vision for Global Britain

27. La Entente franco-británica y España: El aliado que no fue

28. The EU should prepare for all UK post-election scenarios

29. High Hopes, Long Odds: On the False Promises of Brexiteer Deals with the EU and US

30. Brexit: the manifestos uncovered

31. Brexit, British people of colour in the EU-27 and everyday racism in Britain and Europe

32. Naturalisation and (dis)integration for Euro families in Brexiting Britain

33. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Economics of Defense

34. Globalization and Its ‘Born Throwaways’: Exploring the Impact of Neo-Liberal Reforms on Irregular Migration in Africa

35. Diversity and perceptions of Immigration: How the past Influences the present

36. The Importance of Ties between Palestinian Citizens of Israel and Diaspora Jewry: A View from Britain

37. The Global Impact of Brexit Uncertainty

38. Brexit: Everyone Loses, but Britain Loses the Most

39. How can the NHS recruit and retain migrant nurses after Brexit?

40. How can the NHS recruit and retain migrant nurses after Brexit?: Background Report

41. Prospects for a closer relationship with Indonesia after Brexit

42. The risk to biodiversity along China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

43. The role of Chinese finance in the City of London after Brexit

44. The role of Chinese finance in the City of London after Brexit: Background Report

45. The United Kingdom's Belt and Road Initiative strategy after Brexit

46. British India, Russia, and the Future of Neighborhood Diplomacy: Ekai Kawaguchi’s Notes on 20th Century Tibet

47. What Psychology Might Learn from Traditional Christianity

48. Why China Has Not Caught Up Yet: Military-Technological Superiority and the Limits of Imitation, Reverse Engineering, and Cyber Espionage

49. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Superpowers

50. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Gender Integration and the Military