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5781. Blunder in the Balkans: The Clinton Administration's Bungled War against Serbia

5782. U.S. Assistance for Market Reforms: Foreign Aid Failures in Russia and the Former Soviet Bloc

5783. IMF Model and Resource-Abundant Transition Economies: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

5784. Wage Reform, Soft Budget Constraints and Competition

5785. The Asian Currency Crisis: Origins, Lessons and Future Outlook

5786. Northeast Asia: Static but Stable

5787. Organized Crime: Its Influence on International Security and Urban Community Life in the Industrial Cities of the Urals

5788. A Humanitarian Practitioner's Guide to International Human Right Law

5789. The Role of Politics in Contemporary Russian Antisemitism

5790. Barak's Complex Foreign Policy Agenda

5791. Prospects for Northeast Asian Multilateral Security Cooperation

5792. Industrial Growth Revisited: Manufacturing Output in Greece during the Interwar Period

5793. United States -- Economic Slowdown?

5794. Japanese Entrepreneurship: Can the Silicon Valley Model Be Applied to Japan?

5795. Accessing Venture Capital in India

5796. Assessing U.S. Bilateral Security Alliances in the Asia Pacific's "Southern Rim": Why the San Francisco System Endures

5797. Containment by Stealth: Chinese Views of and Policies toward America's Alliances with Japan and Korea after the Cold War

5798. Crisis and Aftermath: The Prospects for Institutional Change in Japan

5799. Nesting the Alliances in the Emerging Context of Asia-Pacific Multilateral Processes: A U.S. Perspective

5800. When Realism and Liberalism Coincide: Russian Views of U.S. Alliances in Asia