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5761. Strengthening the International Financial Architecture: Where Do We Stand?

5762. The New Asian Challenge

5763. U.S. - Japan Energy Cooperation to Help Achieve Sustainable Energy Development in Asia

5764. The Diffusion of the Internet in China

5765. Impact On Global Warming Of Development And Structural Changes In The Electricity Sector Of Guangdong Province, China

5766. A Verification Regime for Warhead Control

5767. Russian Federal Budget and the Regions

5768. Russia and the World: A New Deal

5769. State Power and the Asian Crisis

5770. Blazing New Trails: Villagers' Committee Elections in P. R. China

5771. The Korean Peninsula: Is Kim Dae-jung's Pursuit of a Korean Confederation Realistic?

5772. Indonesia in Transition

5773. Security Multilateralism in Asia: Views from the United States and Japan

5774. The Crisis in Asia: An Empirical Assessment

5775. The Global Economic Impacts of Trade and Financial Reform in China

5776. Regional and Multilateral Trade Liberalization: The Effects on Trade, Investment and Welfare

5777. Rapid Economic Growth in China: Implications for the World Economy

5778. The Transmission of Productivity and Investment Shocks in the Asia Pacific Region

5779. Drug Trafficking on the Great Silk Road: The Security Environment in Central Asia

5780. Replacing Potemkin Capitalism: Russia's Need for a Free-Market Financial System