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1541. 2021 Report on American Attitudes towards the U.S.-ROK Alliance and North Korea Policy

1542. Abe Shinzo: Diplomat-in-Chief

1543. The changing nature of work and earnings inequality in China

1544. The Silence of non-Western International Relations Theory as a Camouflage Strategy: The Trauma of Qing China and the Late Ottoman Empire

1545. Mobilizing Resources and Signaling Intentions: a Neoclassical Realist Analysis of Japan’s Domestic and International Instrumentalization of the Senkaku Islands Dispute and China’s Maritime Assertiveness

1546. The challenge to US hegemony and the “Gilpin Dilemma”

1547. Northeast Asia Defense Transparency Index 2020-21

1548. Climate Politics and the Crisis of the Liberal International Order

1549. China in UN Peacekeeping Operations: A 30-Year Assessment (1990-2019)

1550. Chinese Investments in Brazil: Economic Diplomacy in Bilateral Relations

1551. Military Build-up in Southeast Asia and the South China Sea: How Relevant Are the Disputes with China?

1552. Kanak Mukherjee (1921-2005): Women of Struggle, Women in Struggle

1553. Serve the People: The Eradication of Extreme Poverty in China

1554. Indian Women on an Arduous Road to Equality

1555. The Farmers’ Revolt in India

1556. Dawn: Marxism and National Liberation

1557. Twilight: The Erosion of US Control and the Multipolar Future

1558. China’s Nuclear Arms Race: How Beijing Is Challenging US Dominance in the Indo-Pacific

1559. The Rise of Global Islamophobia and the Uyghur Genocide

1560. The Uyghur Genocide and International Policy Response