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1451. Is Re-calibration Feasible in Turkey-Egypt Relations? Limits and Possibilities

1452. Spotlight Turkey: A Pivotal Swing State in NATO

1453. Getting the Price Right: The End of the War Declaration and North Korea’s Missile Tests

1454. Exchange and Cooperation in Music and Art between the Soviet Union and North Korea (1948–1990)

1455. Kishida’s Onerous Task After the General Election: The Promotion of Democracy in Domestic and World Politics

1456. Asia, Europe and Global Democracy: Beyond the Summit for Democracy

1457. State of Legal and Social Support for Refugees and Displaced Foreign Nationals in Asia: Comparison of Five Asian Countries

1458. Arising From “the People”: Bottom Up Change in North Korean Society

1459. No Better Way to Promote Human Rights and Peace on the Korean Peninsula? Propaganda Leaflet Dropping and the South Korean Government’s Leafleting Ban

1460. Need, Aid, and Root Causes: The Appropriateness of Humanitarian Response in the DPRK

1461. Consistent Inconsistency: What One Thirty-year-old Cable Reveals About U.S.-DPRK Relations

1462. From the G7 to D10: The U.S.-China Competition and the Complexity of the Clash of Systems within the Multilateral Order

1463. The Futility of North Korean Propagandistic News

1464. The EU and the North Korean Conundrum: Supporting Reconciliation and Denuclearization

1465. Protecting Taiwan’s Democracy from China with US Support

1466. The EU’s North Korea Policy: From Engagement, to Critical Engagement, and to Criticism with Limited Engagement

1467. North Korea’s Energy Crisis: What Are the Problems?

1468. Kim Jong Un’s Two-Faced Strategy: South Korea First and U.S. Later Tactics Restoration of the Inter-Korean Hotline, the Road to an Inter-Korean Summit

1469. The Implications of Korea’s Transitional Justice Experience

1470. Characteristics of Disaster Risk Reduction Governance Under the Kim Jong Un Regime and Implications for Policies toward North Korea

1471. The Role of Korea’s Election Commission and the Quality of Elections

1472. The China Challenge Prompts Recovery of a Strained ROK-Japan Relations: Analyzing ROK-Japan Relations Through the 9th Joint Korea-Japan Public Opinion Survey

1473. Democratic Backsliding and Resilience: The Korean Experience

1474. Iron ore futures: possible paths for Australia’s biggest trade with China

1475. The architecture of repression: Unpacking Xinjiang’s governance

1476. China’s cyber vision: How the Cyberspace Administration of China is building a new consensus on global internet governance

1477. Strategic Trade Controls in Southeast Asia: A Pandemic Update

1478. Strengthening Regional Energy Governance in the Mekong Subregion

1479. US-Taiwan Deterrence and Defense Dialogue: Dealing with Increased Chinese Aggressiveness

1480. Imagined Currencies: How the DPRK Uses Cryptocurrency to Blunt Sanctions

1481. More Harm than Good: Why Chinese Sanctions over THAAD have Backfired

1482. No One is Satisfied: Two Theories of the US-China Global Rivalry and the International Order

1483. The Opportunity is There: South Koreans’ Views of China and the Future of the US-ROK Alliance

1484. 21st Century Technologies, Geopolitics, and the US-Japan Alliance: Recognizing Game-changing Potential

1485. South Korea’s Demographic Advantage is Over: The Regional Context and the Economic and Security Implications

1486. How Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines Will Impact China-Indonesia Vaccine Diplomacy

1487. The Climate of Civil Disobedience: Liberal Studies as a Political Instrument under Hong Kong’s Secondary Education Curriculum

1488. Ching Shih and the Pirates of the South China Coast: Shifting Alliances, Strategy, and Reputational Racketeering at the Start of the 19th Century

1489. Statelessness and COVID-19

1490. Reaching Stateless, Undocumented and Migrant Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1491. COVID-19 in Cox's Bazar Pandemic Narratives from the World's Largest Refugee Camp

1492. Climate Politics and the Crisis of the Liberal International Order

1493. China in UN Peacekeeping Operations: A 30-Year Assessment (1990-2019)

1494. Chinese Investments in Brazil: Economic Diplomacy in Bilateral Relations

1495. Military Build-up in Southeast Asia and the South China Sea: How Relevant Are the Disputes with China?

1496. Kanak Mukherjee (1921-2005): Women of Struggle, Women in Struggle

1497. Serve the People: The Eradication of Extreme Poverty in China

1498. Indian Women on an Arduous Road to Equality

1499. The Farmers’ Revolt in India

1500. Dawn: Marxism and National Liberation