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1621. Science, Technology, and the Law

1622. Free Trade in the Americas: Fulfilling the Promise of Miami and Santiago

1623. The Japan-America Security Alliance: Prospects for the Twenty-First Century

1624. Third Party Arms Transfers: Requirements for the 21st Century

1625. Old Wine in New Bottle? The Summit of the Americas in Theoretical Perspective

1626. Interest Groups in American Politics: Conceptual Elements and Key Literature

1627. The Northeast Asian Security Setting

1628. Chinese and U.S. Relations with South Korea: Compatibilities and Conflicts

1629. Health Challenges for the 21st Century

1630. Trading Places: The Caribbean Faces Europe and the Americas in the Twenty-first Century

1631. Employment and the Welfare State: A Continental Dilemma

1632. Future Prospects for the U.S. Defense Budget and Their Implications for Our Asian Alliance Commitments

1633. U.S.-Japan Defense Guidelines: Toward a New Accommodation of Mutual Responsibility

1634. Participatión Ciudadana y Retos Ambientalistas Frente a los Riesgos de la Globalización y del TLCAN

1635. Neo-conservatism: Some Theoretical and Terminological Clarifications

1636. International Conferences: Considerations on the Evolution of the French and American Industrial Societies

1637. The Path to European Integration

1638. The Syndrome of the Ever-Higher Yen, 1971-95: American Mercantile Pressure on Japanese Monetary Policy

1639. Checklist for the Future of Intelligence

1640. Realism and Regionalism: American Power and German and Japanese Institutional Strategies During and After the Cold War