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1581. In Memoriam: Gordon Wright (1912-2000)

1582. Introduction

1583. Culture-As-Race Or Culture-As-Culture: Caribbean Ethnicity and the Ambiguity of Cultural Identity in French Society

1584. Half-Measures: Antidiscrimination Policy in France

1585. The Pugwash Newsletter: Missile Defense: At Sea?

1586. Recoiling from Russia

1587. EU's Emerging Military Policy and the Mena Areas

1588. Iran and Iraq: Sanctions and Dual Containment - A View from the European Union

1589. Enhancing the EU's Response to Violent Conflict: Moving Beyond Reaction to Preventive Action

1590. Domestic Politics and International Relations in Trade Policymaking: The United States and Japan in the GATT Uruguay Round Agriculture Negotiations

1591. Public Opinion As A Constraint On U.S. Foreign Policy: Assessing The Perceived Value Of American And Foreign Lives

1592. Wage Coordination and the Welfare State: Germany and Japan Compared

1593. Emerging Threats on the Internet

1594. The Third Force: The Rise of Transnational Civil Society

1595. Arrogance of Power Reborn: The Imperial Presidency and Foreign Policy in the Clinton Years

1596. Microsoft's Appealing Case

1597. India as a World Power: Changing Washington's Myopic Policy

1598. Dubious Anniversary: Kosovo One Year Later

1599. WTO Report Card III: Globalization and Developing Countries

1600. Political Change in Taiwan: Implications for American Policy An address by RICHARD BUSH and Roundtable Discussion on Taiwan's Historic 2000 Elections