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1561. Strategic Energy Policy Challenges for the 21st Century

1562. Economic Policy Following the Terrorist Attacks

1563. Israel is not the Issue: Militant Islam and America

1564. American Jewish Public Activity - Identity, Demography, and the Institutional Challenge

1565. The Sovereign Self: Jewish Identity in Post-Modern America

1566. Jerusalem in International Diplomacy: The 2000 Camp David Summit, the Clinton Plan, and Their Aftermath

1567. The Israel Swing Factor: How the American Jewish Vote Influences U.S. Elections

1568. Peace and Arms Control on the Korean Peninsula

1569. The South Korean Military and the Korean War

1570. American Strategy and the Korean Peninsula, 1945-1953

1571. Protest and Collaboration: Transnational Civil Society Networks and the Politics of Summitry and Free Trade in the Americas

1572. Preferential Treatment in Trade: Is There Any Room Left in the Americas?

1573. Geography, Markets, Resources, and Development: The Assets of the Americas Revisited

1574. Immigration and Integration in the Americas

1575. Thinking About Environmental Security: Southeast Asia and the Americas in Comparative Perspective

1576. Defending America: Redefining the Conceptual Borders of Homeland Defense

1577. Drug Trafficking in US-Mexican Relations: The Politics of Simulation

1578. The Globalization of Property Rights: An Anglo and American Frontier Land Paradigm, 1700-1900

1579. Abdelmalek Sayad And The Double Absence: Toward a Total Sociology of Immigration

1580. Farming Visions : Agriculture in French Culture