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1. The European strategy for a 'New Deal' with Africa

2. Sign of the Times: How the United Kingdom’s Integrated Review Affects Relations with Africa

3. Negotiating Local Business Practices With China in Benin

4. Climate Change and Violent Conflict in West Africa: Assessing the Evidence

5. EU-Africa relations ahead of the EU-AU Summit: Taking stock, looking forward

6. Estados Unidos y África. Historia de una no-política

7. China en África: Objetivos, instrumentos e implicaciones estratégicas

8. Roadmap to Zero-Carbon Electrification of Africa by 2050: The Green Energy Transition and the Role of the Natural Resource Sector (Minerals, Fossil Fuels, and Land)

9. Analysis of the Healthcare Sector in Africa and Its Policy Implications for Korea

10. Beyond 2025: The Future of the African Growth and Opportunity Act

11. MIT X TAU Series: #TheAfricaWeWant

12. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s Cultural Force

13. MIT X TAU Series: What Kinds of Future Leaders Does Africa Need?

14. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s New Models for Education

15. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s Growth Prospects

16. Exploring social policy trajectories in Mainland Tanzania: Driving for gender-inclusive development?

17. MIT X TAU Series: Africa's Information Technologies

18. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s Innovation in Education

19. The Future Africans Want: When Optimism Is Power

20. Supporting Small Arms and Light Weapons Controls through Development Assistance: The Case of sub-Saharan Africa

21. The Contribution of Parliament's to Sustainable Development Goal 16 Through Security Sector Governance and Reform

22. The Impact of Conflicts on Natural Resources – The Case of Sudanese Darfur Region

23. Examining the Potential of Conditional Cash Transfer for Stemming Cape Flats Gang Violence: A Directional Policy Research Project

24. Establishing the empirical basis for tracing the development outcomes of agricultural investments

25. Eliminating child marriage in Ethiopia

26. Opportunities for Danish stabilisation policy to engage with climate- and livelihood-related conflict: New approaches to fragility in the Horn of Africa and Sahel

27. Integrating community development in public procurement of renewable energy generation: Lessons from South Africa

28. Renewable energy in Africa is about more than climate change: Aid needed for both clean energy and local capacity

29. Enlivening Transitional Justice within the African Union's Agenda of Silencing the Guns: Looking Beyond 2020

30. Governance, Social Policy, and Political Economy: Trends in Norway’s Partner Countries

31. Who gets Involved? Insights on Civic Engagement in Africa and Implications for Fostering Volunteerism

32. Policy Brief 1: Building Capacity for Development of Factoring in Africa to accelerate trade development and support AfCFTA

33. Factoring in Africa to support trade development: Challenges and opportunities for growth through capacity development.

34. Between hope and despair: Pastoralist adaptation in Burkina Faso

35. Powering Households and Empowering Women: The Gendered Effects of Electrification in sub-Saharan Africa

36. South Africa: When Strong Institutions and Massive Inequalities Collide

37. Mainstreaming Climate Change in the National Budget: Memorandum of Issues from the Review of the Budget Framework Paper FY2021/2022

38. Firm performance, trade linkages, and the growth of SMEs in Tanzania

39. Curbing Illicit Financial Flows to Pay for Sustainable Development and COVID-19 Recovery

40. Approaches for Supporting Smallholders in the Global South: Contentious Issues, Experiences, Syntheses

41. Public development aid should refocus on agriculture and education in Africa

42. COVID-19 and Land-based Investment: Changing Landscapes

43. Copper is king – Zambia stands to win

44. Implications of COVID-19 for Conflict in Africa

45. Social Cohesion: A New Definition and a Proposal for its Measurement in Africa

46. Quantifying Investment Facilitation at Country Level: Introducing a New Index

47. Employing Capital: Patient Capital and Labour Relations in Kenya’s Manufacturing Sector

48. Increasing Access to Affordable Agricultural Microinsurance in Sub-Saharan Africa

49. ECOWAS' Efforts in Promoting South-South Cooperation Between its Member States and Global South Countries

50. Local women’s full and equal participation in humanitarian action, development work, and peacebuilding: The key to the Triple Nexus’ successful implementation

51. Straddling Liminality and Active Engagement: Understanding Mobilization Patterns of the Libyan Diaspora

52. Oil and Capital Flight: The Case of Angola

53. In Our Own Words: Perspectives from local actors in the Horn, East, and Central Africa

54. Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Agriculture in Ethiopia

55. Crime, inequality and subsidized housing: evidence from South Africa

56. A Contextual Analysis of Green Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises/Local Green Enterprises in Uganda

57. Deepening Labor Migration Governance at a Time of Immobility: Lessons from Ghana and Senegal

58. Can the Arab Region meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?

59. A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Saharan Africa

60. Shaping Africa’s New Normal

61. A Climate Crisis in Africa: The Case of South Sudan

62. Great Britain and Africa: Boris Johnson's Strategic Reversals

63. Preventing Violent Islamic Radicalization: Experimental Evidence on Anti-Social Behavior

64. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s Future Governmen

65. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s Agricultural Reinvention with Sara Menker

66. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s Innovation in Education

67. Africa’s Strategies of Development and International Insertion: The Hybridity of Agenda 2063

68. An Analysis of the use of Chemical Pesticides and their Impact on Yields, Farmer Income and Agricultural Sustainability: The Case for Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia

69. Regional Developmentalism in West Africa: The Case for Commodity-Based Industrialisation through Regional Cooperation in the Cocoa-Chocolate Sector

70. The Challenges of Governance, Development and Security in the Central Regions of Mali

71. A Post-Brexit Trade Policy for Development and a More Integrated Africa

72. African Union: Mbeki’s South Africa Policy for Africa

73. Brazil-Africa Relations: From the Slave Nexus to the Construction of Strategic Partnerships

74. IntraHealth and Global Development

75. The praxis of combating VAW in Ethiopia: A political interpretation

76. Internally displaced people in Mali's capital city: When a crisis turns chronic

77. Renewable energy poses opportunities and challenges in Africa

78. The State at a Traffic Jam: Resource Endowment and the Challenges of National Development in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic

79. The National Health Insurance Bill: A Critical Review within the South African Development Context

80. Launch of the 8th Local Government Councils Scorecard Report FY 2018/19: Summary Report of the Proceedings

81. Creation of New Cities in Uganda: Social Economic and Political Implications

82. Functionality of Sector Working Groups in Uganda

83. Assessing Capacities for Local Economic Development in Uganda

84. A Moving Frontline in Africa

85. The Traumas of Ethiopian Male Migrants: Re-integration efforts must put vulnerabilities at the centre

86. The Pandemic as an Impulse for the Development of New Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa

87. Agricultural input subsidy and farmers outcomes in Tanzania

88. The Poverty Trap: An Analysis of ther Contribution of Multilateral and Regional Institution to the Poor Economic and Social Performance of African Countries

89. The (Re)emergence of the BRICS and the Reorganization of Power in Contemporary Geopolitics

90. The African Union, regional economic communities and regional mechanisms and United Nations: Leveraging the Triangular Partnership to Silence the Guns in Africa

91. The Land Question in South Africa

92. Ethnicity and Conflict Instigation in Sierra Leone

93. Youth Demonstrations and their Impact on Political Change and Development in Africa

94. Reinvigorating the African Solidarity Initiative for robust implementation of the African Union’s Post-conflict Reconstruction and Development Policy

95. The Interaction Between Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Portfolio Investment and Economic Growth: The Case of Sub- Saharan African Countries

96. State Authority Restoration in the Central African Republic: The Striking Gap Between Its Past, Its Potential, and People’s Expectations

97. COVID-19 and Canada’s Development Assitance in Sub-Saharan Africa

98. Assessing Asia: Sub-Saharan Africa Global Value Chain Linkages

99. African Jobs in the Digital Era: Export Options with a Focus on Online Labour

100. Digitalisation and its Impact on SME Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Reviewing the Hype and Actual Developments