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1. Marine pollution: A growing concern for the southern suburb of Tunis

2. Roadmap to Zero-Carbon Electrification of Africa by 2050: The Green Energy Transition and the Role of the Natural Resource Sector (Minerals, Fossil Fuels, and Land)

3. Prepping for COP27

4. The impact of stakeholder management on the oil and gas industry in Africa: A case study of oil companies and African host communities

5. Triple Win: How Mining Can Benefit Africa’s Citizens, Their Environment and the Energy Transition

6. Who Benefits from Tunisia's Green Hydrogen Strategy?

7. Implications of COP26 for Africa's mining industry

8. Urbanisation and Rural Development in Developing Countries: A Review of Pathways and Impacts

9. Financing Pledges and Managing Expectations

10. Concurrent Crises in the Horn of Africa

11. Supporting Water Programming in the Sahel

12. African Great Lakes Region: Governance and Politics

13. Curbing Illicit Financial Flows to Pay for Sustainable Development and COVID-19 Recovery

14. Transparency of Land-based Investments: Cameroon Country Snapshot

15. Mainstreaming Climate Change in the National Budget: Memorandum of Issues from the Review of the Budget Framework Paper FY2021/2022

16. Establishing the empirical basis for tracing the development outcomes of agricultural investments

17. When jihadists broker peace: Natural resource conflicts as weapons of war in Mali’s protracted crisis

18. Opportunities for Danish stabilisation policy to engage with climate- and livelihood-related conflict: New approaches to fragility in the Horn of Africa and Sahel

19. Integrating community development in public procurement of renewable energy generation: Lessons from South Africa

20. Assessing national laws for the implementation of CITES

21. The Role of Global Climate Change in Structural Transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa

22. Africa Megatrends: Looking over the Horizon into the Future

23. Resolving Human Wildlife Conflict in Botswana Through Social Protection

24. Environmentalism After Decentralization: The Local Politics of Solid Waste Management in Tunisia

25. How can activists best advance environmental reforms in MENA?

26. The Case for a Climate-Smart Update of the Africa Mining Vision

27. More than a Monolith

28. Climate Change and the Global South: The Case of Africa

29. A Climate Crisis in Africa: The Case of South Sudan

30. A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Saharan Africa

31. A Euro-Mediterranean Green Deal? Towards A Green Economy In The Southern Mediterranean

32. Socioeconomic Impacts of Climate Change in the Mediterranean

33. Urban Governance in Cameroon: Between Laissez-Faire And Faire-Laisser


35. Failing Africa’s Farmers: An Impact Assessment of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

36. A Moving Frontline in Africa

37. Considering a Soil Initiative for Africa

38. Protecting Protected Areas in Bello: Learning From Institutional Design and Conflict Resilience in the Greater Virunga and Kidepo Landscapes

39. The LFDD – Human Mobility Nexus in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean: A Review of National Policy and Legal Frameworks

40. After Flood and Revolution: Sudanese Responses to a Lagging Transitional Government

41. Conserving the Environment and Enhancing Community Resilience: The Key Climate Change Priorities during and after COVID-19

42. What Stymies Action on Climate Change? Religious Institutions, Marginalization, and Efficacy in Kenya

43. Uganda’s nascent oil sector: Revenue generation, investor-stakeholder alignment, and public policy

44. Indigenous Community-based Natural Resources Management Mechanisms

45. Applying Restorative Justice in Resolving the Farmers-Herdsmen Conflict in Nigeria

46. Renewable energy poses opportunities and challenges in Africa

47. Sahel Climate Conflicts? When (fighting) climate change fuels terrorism

48. Designing High-seas Marine Protected Areas to Conserve Blue Carbon Ecosystems: A Climate-essential Development?

49. Environmental regulation in a transitional political system: delegation of regulation and perceived corruption in South Africa

50. Impacts of legal and regulatory institutions on economic development

51. Fuel Subsidy Reform and Green Taxes: Can Digital Technologies Improve State Capacity and Effectiveness?

52. Human-wildlife Conflict and Wildlife Conservation

53. Protecting the Environment and Women in Darfur through Fuel-Efficient Stoves

54. Experience and Awareness of Climate Change in Africa

55. Climate Change, Chemical Fertilisers and Sustainable Development – Panel Evidence from Tanzanian Maize Farmers

56. Regression Tree Analysis of soil Fertility and Agro-Economic Practices and the Effects on Yield in Tanzania

57. The Socio-Economic Impacts of the 2015/16 EL Niño Induced Drought in Swaziland

58. Predictors of food insecurity in Swaziland: Lessons from the 2015/16 El Niño induced drought

59. Nigeria’s Movement for Transparency and Accountability: Bringing the Pieces Together

60. Climate Change: Conflict and Cooperation (Full Issue)

61. Greening Peacekeeping: The Environmental Impact of UN Peace Operations

62. Getting to Know Jane Goodall

63. Agricultural Insurance in Burkina Faso: Challenges and Perspectives

64. Money Talks: A Synthesis Report Assessing Humanitarian Funding Flows to Local Actors in Bangladesh and Uganda

65. Resilience in Burkina Faso: Impact evaluation of the ‘Resilience, Food security and Nutrition’ project

66. Resilience in Zambia: Impact evaluation of the ‘Citizen Participation in Adaptation to Climate Change’ project

67. Funding Mechanisms to Incentivize Sustainable and Inclusive Water Provision in Kenya’s Arid Lands

68. Conflict Implications of Coal Mining and Environmental Pollution in South Africa