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9. Guerre, reconstruction de l’Etat et invention de la tradition en Afghanistan (War, Reconstruction of the State and Invention of Tradition in Afghanistan)

10. Reviving Afghanistan's Economy

11. Afghan Economic Policy, Institutions and Society Since 2001

12. Ten Years in Afghanistan’s Pech Valley

13. Defend, Defect, or Desert?: The Future of the Afghan Security Forces

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21. Youth Mobilization and Political Constraints in Afghanistan

22. Afghanistan: the view from Russia

23. The Taliban's View of the 2014 Elections

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26. Last Chance: The International Community and the 2014 Afghan Elections

27. Reintegrating Armed Groups in Afghanistan: Lessons from the Past

28. Afghanistan Reconnected: Regional Economic Security Beyond 2014

29. TSG IntelBrief: Foreign Fighters in Syria: A Growing Threat

30. Licensing Afghan Opium for Medicinal Use: Why It Won't Work

31. Resetting Pakistan's Relations with Afghanistan

32. Women and Inclusive Peace Building in Afghanistan

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34. Supporting Negotiations for Peace in Afghanistan

35. Eve Geri Dönüş

36. Five Pillars of a Successful Transition in Afghanistan Post 2014

37. Transition in Afghanistan: 2009-2013

38. Documentation and Transitional Justice in Afghanistan

39. Extractive Industries and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan: The Role of Social Accountability

40. NATO in Afghanistan: Turning Retreat into Victory

41. The Norwegian Approach to Afghanistan: Civilian-Military Segregation

42. Crisis Stability and Nuclear Exchange Risks on the Subcontinent: Major Trends and the Iran Factor

43. The NATO Operation in Afghanistan: Results and Possible Scenarios for Russia

44. Afghan Narcotrafficking: A Joint Threat Assessment

45. On the eve: Afghan views of the future as foreign forces withdraw

46. Afghanistan: Meeting the Real World Challenges of Transition