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61. The State of EU-US Digital and Energy Cooperation

62. Six Takeaways from Two Years of Russia-Ukraine War

63. The Venezuela-Guyana Dispute over the Essequibo

64. The Russia-Ukraine War and Implications for the European Defence Industry

65. NATO’s Posture vis-a-vis Russia: Features and Challenges

66. The Future of the Belt and Road in Europe: How China’s Connectivity Project is Being Reconfigured across the Old Continent – and What It Means for the Euro-Atlantic Alliance

67. Challenges to Transatlantic Digital Infrastructure: An EU Perspective

68. Transatlantic Tech Bridge: Digital Infrastructure and Subsea Cables, a US Perspective

69. Transatlantic Cooperation on Semiconductors: A US Perspective

70. Chips: EU’s Ambition in a Transatlantic Technology Bridge