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59101. US and Russian Nuclear Forces and Arms Control After the US Nuclear Posture Review

59102. Understanding Regional Economic Growth in India

59103. A Decade of Economic Reforms in India: The Unfinished Agenda

59104. Institutions, Geography, Regions, Countries and the Mobility Bias

59105. Impact of Patents on Access to HIV/AIDS Drugs in Developing Countries

59106. Nutrition Knowledge Versus Schooling in the Demand for Child Micronutrient Status

59107. Political Institutions and Economic Policies: Lessons from Africa

59108. Targeted Programs in an Economic Crisis: Empirical Findings from Indonesia’s Experience

59109. Small Producer Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Integrating Household Structure and Economic Circumstance in Behavioral Explanation

59110. Institutions Rule: The Primacy of Institutions over Geography and Integration in Economic Development