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58041. Confidence and Security in the Balkans: The Role of Transparency in Defence Budgeting

58042. The Development of America’s post-Cold War Military Posture: A Critical Appraisal

58043. Numbering British Contention, 1758-1834

58044. Symbols, Positions, Objects: Toward a New Theory of Revolutions and Collective Action

58045. Peace Among States Is Also Peace Among Domestic Interests: Israel's Turn To De-escalation

58046. How Militarization Drives Political Control of the Military: The Case of Israel

58047. Political Identities

58048. What is Agency?

58049. National Laws, NAFTA Panels and Multilateral Provisions: Sovereignty or Supranational Rules at Bay

58050. Disintegration and Consolidation: National Separatism and the Evolution of Center-Periphery Relations in the Russian Federation