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56951. Security and Development in the Lens of Complexity Theory: The Baltic and Russia, A.D. 1000 to 2000

56952. Explaining Political Corruption: An Institutional-Choice Approach

56953. Popes, Kings and Endogenous Institutions: The Concordat of Worms and the Origins of Sovereignty

56954. Neorealism's Logic and Evidence: When is a Theory Falsified?

56955. Interests, Schminterests: Precision in Descriptions of and Assumptions About State Motivations

56956. Civic and Ethnic Allegiances: Competing Visions of Nationalist Discourse in the Horn of Africa

56957. 'Rogue' States and International Relations

56958. Contested State and Competitive State: Managing the Economy in A Democratic Taiwan

56959. Domestic Politics and International Relations in Trade Policymaking: The United States and Japan and the Gatt Uruguay Round Agriculture Negotiations

56960. The Political Economy of Energy Taxes, OECD 1973-1995: The Role of Political Institutions, Public Opinion and Ideology (A Pre-Test)