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1. Chinese Intentions in the South China Sea

2. The Crisis After the Crisis: How Ladakh Will Shape India’s Competition with China

3. Mitigating the Risk of a China–India Conflict

4. Military Competition With China: Harder Than the Cold War?

5. Is America Really Back?

6. Exploring India's Strategic Futures

7. Exploring India's Strategic Futures

8. Healing One-fifth of Humanity: Progress and Challenges for China’s Health System

9. Rural-Urban Disparities in the Utilization of Mental Health Inpatient Services in China: The Role of Health Insurance

10. Taiwan's Place in the Evolving Security Environment of East Asia

11. Strategies and Public Propositions in Games of Institutional Change, Comparative Historical Cases

12. Patient Copayments, Provider Incentives and Income Effects: Theory and Evidence from China's Essential Medications List Policy

13. The Tenth Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum

14. Pharmaceutical Price Regulation: Macro-Level Evidence from China between 1997 and 2008

15. Do Chinese Really Save Too Much? Aspects from Total Factor Productivity Growth in China since 1952

16. The Imbalance between Patient Needs and the Limited Competence of Top-Level Health Providers in Urban China: An Empirical Study

17. Perverse Incentives in the Chinese Health System and Assessment of the April 2009 Reform

18. Patient Preferences, Concerns, and Satisfaction with Providers before the Chinese Urban Health System Reform: A Social Groups Analysis

19. Crisis and Consensus; America and ASEAN in a New Global Context

20. Allocation of control rights and cooperation efficiency in public-private partnerships: Theory and evidence from the Chinese pharmaceutical industry

21. Comparing Public and Private Hospitals in China: Evidence from Guangdong

22. Soft budget constraints in China: Evidence from the Guangdong hospital industry

23. The Emerging Role of Private Health Care Provision in China

24. The Political Economy of Successful Reform: Asian Stratagems

25. Incentives in China's Healthcare Delivery System

26. Investing in China's Rural Infrastructure and Environment

27. Managing Pest Resistance in Fragmented Farms: An Analysis of the Risk of Bt Cotton in China and its Zero Refuge Strategy and Beyond

28. When Dragons and Kangaroos Trade: China's Rapid Economic Growth and Its Implications for China and Australia

29. Vote of Confidence, A? Voting Protocol and Participation in China's Village Elections

30. Village Elections, Public Goods Investments and Pork Barrel Politics, Chinese-style

31. The Role of Agriculture in China's Development: Past Failures, Present Successes and Future Challenges

32. Irrigation Water Pricing Policy in China

33. Water User Associations and the Evolution and Determinants of Management Reform: A Representative Look at Northern China

34. Water Management Reform and the Choice of Contractual Form in China

35. Why Did the Communist Party Reform in China, But Not in the Soviet Union? The Political Economy of Agricultural Transition

36. Information, Incentives and Institutions: Experimenting with Private-Public Partnerships to Link the Poor with Modern Supply Chains

37. Water price policy analysis in China:An experimental approach

38. Emerging Third Stage Peri-Urbanization: Functional Specialization in the Hangzhou Peri-Urban Region

39. Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Urban Dynamics in Chengdu, 1975–2002

40. Tax Reforms for Enhancing the Stable Development of the Chinese Financial System

41. The Politics of China's Shareholding System

42. Local Governments and the Chinese Stock Market

43. Sociological Dimensions of China's Economic Transition: Organization, Stratification, and Social Mobility

44. International Organizations and Democratization: Testing the Effect of GATT/WTO Membership

45. Politics and Property in Transitional Economies: A Theory of Elite Opportunity

46. Political Office, Kinship, and Household Wealth in Rural China

47. Inaugural Oksenberg Lecture: The United States and China: A President's Perspective. An address by Jimmy Carter

48. Privatization and Elite Mobility: Rural China, 1979-1996

49. Challenges of Peri-urbanization in the Lower Yangtze region: The Case of the Hanzhou-Ningbo Corridor

50. Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: "One Country, Two Systems" in the Emerging Metropolitan Context