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1. Sustained Counterterrorism Efforts Remain Key to Preventing Attacks in Jordan

2. In the Service of Ideology: Iran's Religious and Socioeconomic Activities in Syria

3. Defining a Realistic Policy Toward Erdogan's Turkey: Advice for the Biden Administration

4. Syria at the Center of Power Competition and Counterterrorism

5. The 2021 Iranian Presidential Election A Preliminary Assessment

6. Asset Test 2021: How the U.S. Can Keep Benefiting from Its Alliance with Israel

7. The Coming Iran Nuclear Talks: Openings and Obstacles

8. Turkish-Egyptian Relations after Erdoğan’s Sacrifice of the Muslim Brotherhood

9. NATO in Iraq: Not a Surge

10. Kidnapping and Extortion in Regime-Controlled Syria

11. Investing in Jordan Through Support for Social Enterprises

12. After Sparking the Arab Spring, Is Tunisia Still a Success Story?

13. Collective Memory of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution: Surveying Egyptians a Decade After

14. Turkey's Opposition vs. the AKP: Measuring Messaging

15. Promoting Women's Economic Activity in Jordan

16. Protests and Regime Suppression in Post-Revolutionary Iran

17. Prospects for Syrian Kurdish Unity: Assessing Local and Regional Dynamics

18. A Paris Reset on Hezbollah? Implications for French Interests and Regional Security

19. A New West in the Middle East: Toward a Humbler, More Effective Model of Transatlantic Cooperation

20. The IRGC Lifts Off: Implications of Iran's Satellite Launch

21. Taking Back the Neighborhood: The IRGC Provincial Guard's Mission to Re-Islamize Iran

22. Wrestling with Annexation: The Elusive Search for a Policy Rationale

23. A Nation Divided: Palestinian Views on War and Peace with Israel

24. Green Without Borders: The Operational Benefits of Hezbollah's Environmental NGO

25. Palestinian Politics After Abbas Sudden Succession Essay Series

26. Iran's Evolving Approach to Asymmetric Naval Warfare: Strategy and Capabilities in the Persian Gulf

27. Honored, Not Contained: The Future of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces

28. The Outlook for Turkish Democracy: 2023 and Beyond

29. A Short-Term Diplomatic Agenda for the Syrian Puzzle

30. Varied Reactions in Syria to Biden Victory

31. The Rise of Kata’ib Hezbollah’s Hegemonic ‘Resistance’

32. Hezbollah Has Created Parallel Financial and Welfare Systems to Manage the Current Crisis

33. In Search of a Semi-Autonomous Region in Northeastern Syria

34. Israel and the UAE on Iran: Shared Foe, Different Perspectives

35. Washington’s Stance on Syria and Iraq and The Widening Rift with Kurds in Iran

36. The Beirut Disaster: Implications for Lebanon and U.S. Policy

37. Navigating a Growing Chinese Influence in Iraqi Kurdistan

38. Iran-South Korea Humanitarian Trade Requires U.S. Assurances

39. Arab Media Reactions to U.S. Protests: How Regional Considerations Shape Media Coverage

40. The Future of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces

41. With COVID-19, Iran’s Dependence on China Grows

42. Does Soleimani’s Death Matter? Findings from a 2019 Workshop

43. As Israel’s Kingmaker Gets Off the Fence, Gantz Gets a Boost

44. Arab, Iranian, and Turkish Responses to President Trump’s Impeachment

45. Ceasefire or Escalation in Libya?

46. Challenges Await Oman’s New Sultan as Mourning Period Ends

47. Continuity vs. Overreach in the Trump Peace Plan (Part 1): Borders and Jerusalem

48. Continuity vs. Overreach in the Trump Peace Plan (Part 2): Security, Refugees, and Narratives

49. Centering Iraq Policy on Human Rights and Fair Elections Michael Knights

50. A New Erdogan-Putin Deal in Idlib May Help—For Now

51. Europe Is Creating an Opportunity for Iran Talks, and Washington Should Take It

52. Idlib and Its Environs: Narrowing Prospects for a Rebel Holdout

53. Iranian Succession and the Impact of Soleimani’s Death

54. Making the Most of the Berlin Conference on Libya

55. Eight Reasons Why the United States and Iraq Still Need Each Other

56. How Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia’s Message Framing Primed Its Members to Become Recruits for the Islamic State

57. Iran’s Supreme Leader Responds to the Soleimani Assassination

58. Hezbollah Has a New Strategy to Survive Lebanon’s Financial Crisis

59. Establishing a Response Ratio for Iranian and Proxy Attacks

60. New Khamenei Speech Underlines the Importance of Popular Support for the Regime

61. The Coronavirus in Iran (Part 2): Regime Culpability and Resiliency

62. The White House Peace Plan Meeting: U.S. Goals, Israeli Repercussions

63. The Coronavirus in Iran (Part 1): Clerical Factors

64. Syria’s Economic Crisis Sparks Rare Protests in Regime Territory

65. Who Is Esmail Qaani, the New Chief Commander of Iran’s Qods Force?

66. Reading Trump in Tehran

67. Russia’s Growing Interests in Libya

68. U.S. Do’s and Don’ts in Iraq

69. Tunisia Turns a Corner Against the Jihadist Movement

70. Implications of the Saudi Corruption Arrests

71. Reclamation: A Cultural Policy for Arab-Israeli Partnership

72. The Forgotten Peace at Twenty-Five: How to Protect and Strengthen Israel-Jordan Ties

73. Signposts for an Islamic State Comeback in Iraq

74. Understanding the Saudi Aramco IPO

75. The Islamic State in Syria After the U.S. Withdrawal

76. What Is Iran Up To in Deir al-Zour?

77. Turkey Pivots to Tripoli: Implications for Libya’s Civil War and U.S. Policy

78. Time to Change Course on the UN’s Lebanon Policy

79. Don't Write Off Iraq

80. A Decisive Vote for Humanitarian Support in Syria

81. Oman After Qaboos: A National and Regional Void

82. Iran’s New Budget Is Tight, But Not Tight Enough

83. Hiding in Plain Sight: Hezbollah's Campaign Against UNIFIL

84. Defeating al-Qaeda's Shadow Government in Yemen: The Need for Local Governance Reform

85. Egypt Takes Another Step Toward China

86. Kurdish Reactions to Their Abandonment in Syria

87. Hezbollah Prioritizes Its Own Interests, Putting Lebanon at Risk

88. New Gaza Crossing Raises Questions About Blockade Policies

89. Kuwait: A Changing System Under Stress

90. Rebuilding Alliances and Countering Threats in the Gulf

91. Strengthening Stability in Northwest Africa: Ideas for U.S. Policy toward Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia

92. General Principles to Guide U.S. Middle East Policy

93. President Trump and the Middle East: Views from Israel

94. How to Secure Mosul Lessons from 2008—2014

95. U.S.-Israel Relations: A Changing Landscape?

96. Salafism in Lebanon

97. Multipolar Israeli Race Boosts Netanyahu's Electoral Chances

98. The Fight Against ISIS: Shiite Militias and the Coalition Effort

99. President Rouhani and the IRGC

100. Ariel Sharon: From Warrior to Man of Peace at Last