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1. Trusting AI: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into the Army’s Professional Expert Knowledge

2. PLA Logistics and Sustainment: PLA Conference 2022

3. China, Europe, and the Pandemic Recession: Beijing’s Investments and Transatlantic Security

4. Contested Deployment

5. Framing the Future of the US Military Profession

6. Countering Terrorism on Tomorrow’s Battlefield: Critical Infrastructure Security and Resiliency (NATO COE-DAT Handbook 2)

7. What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warfare

8. Enabling NATO’s Collective Defense: Critical Infrastructure Security and Resiliency (NATO COE-DAT Handbook 1)

9. The Future of the Joint Warfighting Headquarters: An Alternative Approach to the Joint Task Force

10. Coercing Fluently: The Grammar of Coercion in the Twenty-first Century

11. Enabling a More Externally Focused and Operational PLA – 2020 PLA Conference Papers

12. The Grand Strategy of Gertrude Bell: From the Arab Bureau to the Creation of Iraq

13. Veteran Disability Compensation and the Army Profession: Good Intentions Gone Awry

14. The People of the PLA 2.0

15. Commentary on “The US Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028”

16. Senior Conference 55—The Emerging Environment in the Indo-Pacific Region: Drivers, Directions, and Decisions

17. Nonstate Actors and Anti-Access/Area Denial Strategies: The Coming Challenge

18. Professionalizing the Iraqi Army: US Engagement after the Islamic State

19. Turkey and the United States on the Brink: Implications for NATO and the US-Turkish Strategic and Military Partnership

20. Striking the Balance: US Army Force Posture in Europe, 2028—A Study Sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of the Army

21. An Army Transformed: USINDOPACOM Hypercompetition and US Army Theater Design

22. Rise and Fall? The Rise and Fall of ISIS in Libya

23. A Policy Response to Islamic State Extremist Fighter Battlefield Migration

24. Mission Command of Multi-Domain Operations

25. 2019: A Changing International Order? Implications for the Security Environment

26. Security Threats, American Pressure, and the Role of Key Personnel: How NATO’s Defence Planning Process is Alleviating the Burden-Sharing Dilemma

27. A Hard Look at Hard Power: Assessing the Defense Capabilities of Key US Allies and Security Partners—Second Edition

28. Special Commentary: COVID-19 and the Ethics of Military Readiness

29. Special Commentary: After COVID-19: American Landpower in Transatlantic Context

30. Special Commentary: Long-Term Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic for the US Army

31. Special Commentary: Memorandum for SECDEF: Restore “Shock” in Strategic Planning

32. Special Commentary: COVID-19 and Indo-Pacific Strategy: Korea is Up, China is Down, and the US (For Now) is Out

33. Special Commentary: Scenarios for a Post-COVID Middle East

34. Special Commentary: “Hole” of Government: What COVID-19 Reveals about American Security Planning

35. Special Commentary: Recruiting in a Post-COVID-19 World

36. Special Commentary: The Impact of COVID-19 on Civil-Military Relations

37. Special Commentary: Outbreak: COVID-19, Crime, and Conflict

38. Special Commentary: COVID-19: Shaping a Sicker, Poorer, More Violent, and Unstable Western Hemisphere

39. Special Commentary: Domestic Politics and the Military’s COVID-19 Response

40. Special Commentary: Not So Fast: Why the Call to Expand the Reserve Components is Premature

41. Special Commentary: Post-COVID Transformation: DOD Goes into the Matrix?

42. Special Commentary: COVID-19 and Brazil: Why the US-Brazil Relationship Matters More Than Ever

43. A Modern Army Reserve for a Multi-Domain World: Structural Realities and Untapped Potential

44. The Russian Military in Contemporary Perspective

45. USAWC Quarterly: Parameters – Autumn 2019

46. Recommendations for Success in Afghanistan

47. Parameters VOL. 49 NO. 1–2 Spring–Summer 2019

48. Deterrence in the Nordic-Baltic Region: The Role of the Nordic Countries Together With the U.S. Army

49. Extremist Migration: A Foreign Jihadist Fighter Threat Assessment

50. An Unnatural Partnership? The Future of U.S.-India Strategic Cooperation