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1. U.S. Shelves "Cap and Trade" -- Policy Shift (And Congressional Opposition) Sink EU-Style Climate Exchange-Market In U.S.


3. Time to Reconsider Partition For Bosnia

4. The Siren Call of Partition Could Lead Only to Disaster for Bosnia

6. Berlin Reportedly Mulling New Approach To Stagnancy of Bosnia

7. "Make It In America" by Andrew Liveris

8. On-line Theft of Intellectual Property Threatens National Security

9. Internet Must Stay Free of Intergovernmental Control

10. Perspectives: Boeing Sees WTO Rulings Setting Key Precedents for Global Trade

11. Letter from the Editor

12. It's the Economy, Stupid – Only This Time, Everywhere

13. Obama Must Lead at Financial Summit; or G-20 Could Become "G-19 + 1"

14. Alan Greenspan Explains "Mistake" behind Global Meltdown

15. The Economic Quicksands of Globalization

16. NATO at 60 – Not Yet Retirement Age

17. Asymmetric Warfare Creates the Need for "New Soldier"

18. Non-Military Organizations Should Lead on "Nation Building"

19. Russian Gas Problem Could Be Opportunity for Europe

20. Nuclear Energy: A New Future in Europe

21. Europe Should Tackle Gazprom Monopoly

22. Gazprom: The Octopus in Europe's Energy Market

23. Talking Business Facts about Europe's Gas Problems

24. Baltic, Arctic and Atlantic Surveillance: Nordic Maritime Cooperation Comes In Out of the Cold

25. Dora Bakoyannis, Foreign Minister of Greece Greece: Piloting OSCE through Doldrums

26. Can "Obama Net" Become a Tool of Presidential Rule?

27. A Talk with Michael Chertoff: U.S. and EU Agendas Converge

28. Ethical Leadership in an Unethical World

29. Who? – or What Tectonic Shift? – Created the Special Relationship

30. Prowling the Rubble of the Soviet Empire In a Quest for Insight about Russia\'s Future

31. An Ambassador\'s Diary in Post-Communist Hungary

32. Letter from the Editor: Transatlantic Solidarity Starts at Home

33. Transatlantic Convergence Passenger Data Questions

34. Cyber War I: Estonia Attacked from Russia

35. NATO Caveats Can Be Made To Work Better for the Alliance

36. Faraway Afghanistan Brings Home Tensions Among Allies

37. Sense and Nonsense About European Security Policy

38. The Real Questions About Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Roundtable Discussion

39. A Flat Playing Field Can Spread Western Innovation

40. Misreading Berlin... in the Lead into the Iraq War

41. Kosovo: It IS a Real Geopolitical Precedent

42. Poland's New Government Seeks Solidarity, Not Provocation

43. Saving the Arctic, Now

44. An Emergency Coordination Center Is Needed for a New Frontier

45. Four “Poverty Traps” Are Part of Conundrum for Foreign Aid

46. Europe Is Losing Out in Global Competition Among Universities: A Talk with Richard Descoings, Head of Sciences Po in Paris

47. Washington: City and Symbol – or Neither?

48. Fugitive Serbian War Criminals and the West

49. Politically Incorrect Tales of the EU Bureaucracy

50. Writer Ryszard Kapuscinski: An Optimist in the Heart of Darkness

52. Foreword: End of Post-Cold War Honeymoon

53. A Call To Be Listened To

54. The End of Happy Endings in the Post-Cold War

55. Georgia: Breakdown of Vision the West Had for a New Europe

56. Russia and the EU: The Difficult Path to a New Partnership

57. The End of History? - Certainly Not Through Asia's Eyes

58. SWF's Are Making Political Waves in the U.S. and EU

59. Europe Must Present a Single Market to SWF's

60. Norway's Wealth Fund Answers to Voters

61. U.S. Flap on the Aerial Tanker Could Be Self-Defeating

62. Europe Can Offer Defense Deals Washington Can't Refuse

63. Reforms in U.S. Licensing Process Facilitate Joint Allied Operations

64. Moving Forward with the Transatlantic Economic Council

65. Energy Research: Grasping Transatlantic Opportunities

66. Non-Nuclear Energy Cooperation Needs a New Push

67. A Pragmatist's View of Global Geopolitics

68. Védrine's World: The Outlook of Nations around the Globe

69. The Demilitarization of Europeans

70. The Way Globalization Actually Works in Europe

71. New Markets Expanding for Dirty Businesses

72. Lisbon Treaty's Stumble — and Prospects