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1. The Long‐​Run Effects of Immigration: Evidence across a Barrier to Refugee Settlement

2. Uncle Sucker: Why U.S. Efforts at Defense Burdensharing Fail

3. The Fiscal Impact of Immigration in the United States

4. Balance of Trade, Balance of Power: How the Trade Deficit Reflects U.S. Influence in the World

5. Course Correction: Charting a More Effective Approach to U.S.-China Trade

6. The Regressive Nature of the U.S. Tariff Code: Origins and Implications

7. Rational Eviction: How Landlords Use Evictions in Response to Rent Control

8. Central Bank Digital Currency: The Risks and the Myths

9. Self‐​Service Bans and Gasoline Prices: The Effect of Allowing Consumers to Pump Their Own Gas

10. Formula for a Crisis: Protectionism and Supply Chain Resiliency—the Infant Formula Case Study

11. Competition and Content Moderation

12. The National Flood Insurance Program: Solving Congress’s Samaritan’s Dilemma

13. Universal Preschool: Lawmakers Should Approach with Caution

14. The (Updated) Case for Free Trade

15. Biden and Trade at Year One: The Reign of Polite Protectionism

16. Unfair Trade or Unfair Protection? The Evolution and Abuse of Section 301

17. Monetary Policy and Racial Inequality

18. Opening Up Military Innovation: Effects of Bottom‐​Up Reforms to U.S. Defense Research

19. The Effect of Tax Avoidance Crackdown on Corporate Innovation

20. When Interventions Fail: Lessons from the U.S. Experience in Latin America

21. When Is Tinkering with Safety Net Programs Harmful to Beneficiaries?

22. The Regulatory Costs of Being Public

23. Evidence of the Unintended Labor Scheduling Implications of the Minimum Wage

24. Who Pays Sin Taxes? Understanding the Overlapping Burdens of Corrective Taxes

25. Jawboning against Speech: How Government Bullying Shapes the Rules of Social Media

26. The Human Perils of Scaling Smart Technologies: Evidence from Field Experiments

27. Behavioral Responses to Supply‐​Side Drug Policy during the Opioid Epidemic