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1. Israel’s changing Security Understanding before and after the Arab Uprisings

2. SETA Security Radar | Turkey’s Security Landscape in 2019

3. Interfactional dynamics and the future of Idlib

4. The Future of the Balkans Will Depend on Itself

5. Turkish-German Relations From Conjunctural Cooperation to the Solution of Structural Issues

6. How Will the U.S. Withdrawal from Syria Change Dynamics of the Conflict?

7. Turkey’s counterterrorism strategy an assesment of the fight against DAESH

8. The French Initiative to Change the Qur’an

9. The political economy of the transformation of Islamic finance in Turkey

10. Toward a Turkish-Russian Axis? Conflicts in Georgia, Syria, and Ukraine, and Cooperation over Nuclear Energy

11. A Post-2014 Vision for Turkey-Africa Relations

12. A Year After Euromaidan: Pro-European Forces Wins the New Parliament

13. The Political Economy of a Lasting Israel-Hamas Truce

14. Migration, Urban Space and Diversity: A Case from Istanbul

15. Perceptions of Syrians in Turkey

16. Counter-Trafficking Policy and Immigrant Rights in Turkey

17. Turkey's Transition to an Immigration Country: A Paradigm Shift

18. The Immigration of Russians and Azerbaijanis to Antalya (Turkey): Who Are They? Why Are They Here?

19. Guests And Hosts: European Retirees In Coastal Turkey

20. Negotiating Modernity and Europeanness in the Germany-Turkey Transnational Social Field