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1. EU-Turkey Relations in the Context of the Middle East after the Arab Spring

2. The New Era In Turkish Foreign Policy: Critiques And Challenges

3. The Evolution of Turkey's Foreign Policy under the AK Party Government

4. The Wisdom of Syria's Waiting Game Foreign Policy Under the Assads, Bente Scheller

5. Debating Security in Turkey: Challenges and Changes in the Twenty-First Century

6. Foreign Policy after Tahrir Revolution: (Re)-Defining the Role of Egypt in the Middle East

7. Turkey's "Zero Problems" Era in the Balkans

8. The Effect of New Turkish Foreign Policy on International Trade

9. The 2012 Presidential Election and American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

10. Turkey and Saudi Arabia: Newly Discovered Partners?

11. The New Middle East and the United States: What to Expect After the Uprisings?

12. The EU and Turkey in Energy Diplomacy

13. Regional Energy Equations and Turkish Foreign Policy: The Middle East and the CIS

14. Obama's Turkey Policy: Bringing Credibility to "Strategic Partnership"

15. Debating Turkey in the Middle East: The Dawn of a New Geo-Political Imagination?

16. Editor's Note

17. Sarkozy's Policy in the Middle-East: A Break with the Past?

18. Editor's Note

19. Turkey's "Soft Power" Strategy: A New Vision for a Multi-Polar World

20. Turkey and the Palestinian Question

21. Yakub Halabi, US Foreign Policy in the Middle East: From Crises to Change

22. Ahmedinejad's Visit to Turkey: Two Neighbors Oscillate between Threat and Friendship

23. Turkey between Syria and Israel: Turkey's Rising Soft Power

24. Learning Strategic Depth: Implications of Turkey's New Foreign Policy Doctrine