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1. Grounding Women’s Land Rights: Towards equity and climate justice

2. Leaving No One Behind: A green bargain for people and planet

3. Towards Meaningful Human Rights Impact Assessments: From supermarket commitments to best practice action

4. Turn on the Light: Why tackling energy-related challenges in the nexus of water and food in Syria cannot wait

5. Two Years at the Forefront: Exploring the needs and experiences of women-led, women’s rights and LGBTQIA+ led organizations two years into the Ukraine humanitarian response

6. Inflicting Unprecedented Suffering and Destruction: Seven ways the government of Israel is deliberately blocking and/or undermining the international humanitarian response in the Gaza Strip

7. Climate Plans for the People: Civil society and community participation in national action plans on climate change

8. The perception of climate change in Senegal coastal areas

9. Increasing Civil Society Ownership of National Climate Plans: Lessons drawn from Senegal’s NDC experience

10. Unaccountable Adaptation: The Asian Development Bank’s overstated claims on climate adaptation finance

11. Essential but Invisible and Exploited: A literature review of migrant workers’ experiences in European agriculture

12. Beyond Crises: The future of Special Drawing Rights as a source of development and climate finance

13. Emergent Agency in a Time of COVID-19: Research report

14. From Stunt to Substance: An assessment of IMF engagement with civil society

15. Price Interventions as a Part of Living Income Strategies: Lessons learned from piloting a price premium mechanism for basmati rice farmers in Pakistan

16. Speaking Up: The role of women in building peace in Yemen

17. Does Aid to Domestic Revenue Mobilization Support Tax Fairness? A synthesis of Oxfam research

18. IMF Social Spending Floors: A fig leaf for austerity?

19. Pandemic Responses in the MENA Region: Lessons learned for an inclusive economic recovery

20. Sick Development: How rich-country government and World Bank funding to for-profit private hospitals causes harm and should be stopped

21. Water Dilemmas: The cascading impacts of water insecurity in a heating world

22. The Middle East and North Africa Gap: Prosperity for the rich, austerity for the rest

23. Climate Justice: Loss and damage action research: Case studies of Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

24. Gendered Dimensions of Loss and Damage in Asia

25. Oxfam’s Engagement with Refugee-led Organisations in West Nile (Uganda): Lessons on opportunities and challenges

26. Access to Housing: A Right Not an Investment

27. Dangerous Delay 2: The cost of inaction

28. Access to Healthcare: A right not a luxury

29. Turning Point: A three year update on US supermarkets’ progress and pitfalls

30. Unfarmed Now, Uninhabited When? Agriculture and climate change in Iraq

31. Inequality Kills: The unparalleled action needed to combat unprecedented inequality in the wake of COVID-19

32. Rising to the Challenge: The case for permanent progressive policies to tackle Asia’s coronavirus and inequality crisis

33. Designing Sustainable Water Supply Systems in Tajikistan: A step-by-step guide to design, construction and ownership

34. Sanitation Marketing in Tajikistan: Business model for sustainable WASH market development

35. Decentralised Sanitation Solutions in Tajikistan: Decentralised wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) in peri-urban and urban areas in Tajikistan

36. Water Governance and Sustainable Service Delivery in Rural Tajikistan: How regulations and accountability measures improve water supply service deliver

37. The State of Local Humanitarian Leadership: A learning report on a series of LHL online convenings held in Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa, the Pacific, and West Africa

38. The Value-Added Tax (VAT) Improvement Program: Raising the operational efficacy of the VAT administration in Bangladesh

39. The Crisis of Extreme Inequality in SADC: Fighting austerity and the pandemic

40. Uncovering the Potential: The role of informal actors in solid waste management in Jordan

41. Analyzing Voter Turnout in Lebanon: Political Change in Times of Crisis

42. The Workers Behind the Citrus Fruits: A focused Human Rights Impact Assessment of Coop Sweden’s Moroccan citrus fruit supply chains

43. Beyond Consultation: Unpacking the most essential components of meaningful participation by refugee leaders

44. Adoption Rate and Trends in Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Ethiopia

45. Caring in a changing climate: Centering care work in climate action

46. Analyzing European Union Institutions’ Flows for Total Official Support for Sustainable Development

47. Tackling Gender Inequality in the Cocoa Supply Chain: Are big chocolate companies delivering on their global commitments in Ghana?

48. The Inequality Crisis in East Africa: Fighting austerity and the pandemic

49. Carbon Pricing: A primer for Oxfam

50. TOSSD Data for 2020: An overview of key trends in the data in support of sustainable development