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1. Towards Meaningful Human Rights Impact Assessments: From supermarket commitments to best practice action

2. Essential but Invisible and Exploited: A literature review of migrant workers’ experiences in European agriculture

3. Unfarmed Now, Uninhabited When? Agriculture and climate change in Iraq

4. Lives at Risk: A study of girls dropping out of school in Juba, Rumbek and Pibor Counties, South Sudan

5. Reward Work, Not Wealth: To end the Inequality Crisis, We Must Build an Economy for Ordinary Working People, not the Rich and Powerful.

6. Development – A Private Affair? The involvement of the Italian private sector in rural development cooperation programmes

7. Fair Value: Case Studies of Business Structures for a More Equitable Distribution of Value in Food Supply Chains

8. Resilience in Zambia: Impact evaluation of the ‘Citizen Participation in Adaptation to Climate Change’ project

9. Land But No Freedom: Debt, poverty and Human Suffering in the Philippine Banana Trade

10. Supermarket Responsibilities for Supply Chain Workers’ Rights: Continuing challenges in seafood supply chains and the case for stronger supermarket action

11. Human Suffering in Italy’s Agricultural Value Chain

12. German Supermarket Supply Chains: Ending the Human Suffering Behind our Food

13. The Plight of Pineapple and Banana Workers in Retail Supply Chains: Continuing Evidence of Rights Violations in Costa Rica and Ecuador

14. Taking a Fresh Approach: Enabling Local Producers to Meet Rising Demand in West Africa’s Dairy Sector

15. Dutch Supermarket Supply Chains: Ending the Human Suffering Behind our Food

16. US Supermarket Supply Chains: Ending the Human Suffering Behind our Food

17. UK Supermarket Supply Chains: Ending the Human Suffering Behind our Food

18. Measuring Impact: A Meta-Analysis of Oxfam’s Livelihoods Effectiveness Reviews

19. The Influence of Market Support Interventions on Household Food Security: An evidence synthesis

20. Missing Out on Small is Beautiful: The EU’s Failure to Deliver on Policy Commitments to Support Smallholder Agriculture in Developing Countries

21. The Impact of Food Assistance on Pastoralist Livelihoods in Humanitarian Crises: An evidence synthesis protocol

22. Feeding Climate Change: What the Paris Agreement means for food and beverage companies

23. Harmless Harvest: How sustainable agriculture can help ASEAN countries adapt to a changing climate

24. Reversal in Progress on World Hunger Likely as Climate Change Threatens Food Security

25. Hot and Hungry: How to stop climate change derailing the fight against hunger

26. Effective Public Policies and Active Citizenship: Brazil's experience of building a food and nutrition security system

27. Rebuilding Fishing Communities and Fisheries: Post-Haiyan Reconstruction in the Philippines

28. Smallholders at Risk: Monoculture expansion, land, food and livelihoods in Latin America

29. Who Wants to Farm? Youth Aspirations, Opportunities and Rising Food Prices

30. Climate Shocks, Food and Nutrition Security: Evidence from the Young Lives cohort study

31. A Sign of Things to Come? Examining four major climate-related disasters, 2010–2013, and their impacts on food security

32. Delivering Prosperity in Myanmar's Dryzone: Lessons from Mandalay and Magwe on realizing the economic potential of small-scale farmers

33. Moral Hazard? 'Mega' public-private partnerships in African agriculture

34. Food prices and how people are eating: Views from 'Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility'

35. Hidden Hunger in South Africa: The faces of hunger and malnutrition in a food-secure nation

36. From Crisis to Catastrophe: South Sudan's man-made crisis — and how the world must act now to prevent catastrophe in 2015

37. Impacto De La Roya Del Café

38. Climate and Environmental Change: Views from Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility

39. Inequality in South Africa: A two part document on the current understanding and dimensions of inequality in health, gender and livelihoods

40. After the Drought: The 2012 drought, Russian farmers, and the challenges of adapting to extreme weather events

41. THE NEW ALLIANCE: A NEW DIRECTION NEEDED Reforming the G8's public–private partnership on agriculture and food security

42. Growing disruption: Climate change, food, and the fight against hunger

43. Better Rules for a Better Future: Regulating private sector agriculture

44. Planting Now (2nd Edition): Revitalizing agriculture for reconstruction and development in Haiti

45. 'Our Land, Our Lives': Time out on the global land rush

46. What Works for Women: Proven approaches for empowering women smallholders and achieving food security

47. Sahel Markets Under Pressure

48. Where There's a Will: Tackling the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

49. Food Crisis in the Sahel: Five steps to break the hunger cycle in 2012

50. Private Investment in Agriculture: Why it's essential, and what's needed