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1. Net-Zero and Nonproliferation: Assessing Nuclear Power and Its Alternatives

2. Prescription for Military Paralysis: Wartime Reactor Meltdowns (Occasional Paper 2305)

3. Commercial Satellite Use Catalyzes Nuclear-Armed States to Combat: A Wargame After-Action Report (Occasional Paper 2306)

4. Space: America's New Strategic Front Line

5. Present Danger: Nuclear Power Plants in War

6. Blocking the Gateways to Nuclear Disorder in the Middle East

7. Arresting Nuclear Adventurism: China, Article VI, and the NPT

8. Keeping Secrets

9. Grim Prospect: Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East

10. Space and Missile Wars: What Awaits

11. China's Civil Nuclear Sector: Plowshares to Swords?

12. New Frontiers for Security Cooperation with Seoul and Tokyo

13. Dealing Preventively with NPT Withdrawal

14. North Korea’s Nuclear Program: The Early Days, 1984–2002

15. The NPT turns 50: Will it get to 60?

16. Understanding and Reducing Military Vulnerabilities of Civilian Nuclear Plants: The Case for the Northeast Asia

17. Improving the Role of Intelligence in Counterproliferation Policymaking: Report of the "Speaking Truth to Nonproliferation Project," 2018

18. Commerical Space: Space Controls and the Invisible Hand

19. Future Space Controls and the Invisible Hand

20. Alternative East Asian Nuclear Futures, Volume I: Military Scenarios