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1. Taliban Victory Serves as a Model for Palestinian Terror Groups

2. Turkey’s struggling economy, regional isolation, behind latest charm offensive with Israel and other countries

3. Understanding the Russia-Iran-Israel Triangle

4. The Ukraine Standoff as a Harbinger of Broader Shifts in the Global Order

5. Houthi/Iranian attacks on UAE a response to losses on the Yemen battlefield

6. Will US-Israel ties withstand possible strains due to the Iranian and Palestinian issues?

7. US Policy Towards the Yemeni Conflict Must Change

8. PA head Mahmoud Abbas reveals his anti-peace stance in attack against Israeli Arab politician

9. Israel’s Ukraine policy: ‘Right side of history’ vs national interest

10. Russia or the West – Which Should Jerusalem Choose?

11. Hamas takeover of Gaza killed the two-state solution

12. Is it time for Biden to demonstrate force with Iran?

13. Iran talks are likely going nowhere

14. The time is ripe for an Israeli-Moroccan honeymoon, though it might not last forever

15. Israel, the US, and the Iranian Nuclear project – back to basics

16. Palestinian Violence, Not Settler Violence is the Problem

17. The Nuclear Talks in Vienna: Biden’s Legacy at Stake

18. Israel and the New ‘Old Europe’

19. Military Diplomacy as a National Security Asset: Israel’s Widening Array of Joint Exercises

20. Why is Iran returning to the negotiating table?

21. Realpolitik Should Guide Israeli-Russian Relations

22. Iran’s Intimidation of Azerbaijan Must Be Answered

23. Securing the Future of the Israel-US Special Relationship

24. Israel Must Actively Oppose US Return to the JCPOA

25. The Egypt-Israel Common Strategic Agenda

26. What does the Deraa surrender mean for Iran and Russia in Syria?

27. The Collapse of Lebanon: Scenarios for the Future

28. Bennett’s Visit to Washington

29. From Saigon to Kabul: Losing the Battle, Winning the War

30. Fighting antisemitism should not be Israel’s primary concern

31. The Hong Kong National Security Law and its Implications for Middle Powers

32. What’s Next, After the Withdrawal from Afghanistan?

33. The Implications of the Fall of Kabul

34. The Road to Natanz Runs Through Beirut

35. Yemen Offers Clues as to US Regional Strategy and the Abilities of Anti-Iran Forces

36. National Security Policy Recommendations for Israel’s 36th Government

37. Israel Should Maintain its Mediterranean Alignment, Despite Signals from Ankara

38. Lebanon is dying a slow death

39. Iran digs deep in hollowed-out Syria

40. Ten Lessons of the Recent Gaza War

41. China’s biased role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

42. There is No Clear-Cut Solution for Gaza

43. Neither a Conscript Army nor an All-Volunteer Force: An Emergent IDF Model

44. Strategic Incoherence Continued: US Policy Towards Syria Under Biden

45. Nine lessons for Israel following Gaza operation

46. The Growing Threat Facing Israel from Iraq

47. Egyptian Mediation between Israel and Hamas Can Be Useful

48. Who Won the 2021 Gaza War?

49. Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: Between Conflict and Containment

50. Iran and Hamas’s Jerusalem/Gaza offensive against Israel

51. The ICC’s folly also hurts the Palestinians

52. The Biden Foreign Policy Team

53. “The Pot and the Lid” in Eastern Jerusalem

54. A Deterring Blow is Needed

55. A boiling cauldron

56. Turkey and Iran: Parallel Islam imperialist ambitions for the Middle East

57. Greece-Israel Relations Help Stabilize the Eastern Mediterranean

58. Don’t Interfere, Integrate: China Proposes (Yet Another) Middle East Peace Initiative

59. What is Iran’s Real Goal in Nuclear Talks with the US?

60. Israel, help India fight COVID-19

61. Ramifications of an American Return to the 2015 Nuclear Agreement

62. Strategic Implications of the Damage at the Natanz Enrichment Facility

63. Israel’s Protracted Political Crisis Harms National Security

64. The Battle for Marib: A Tipping Point of the Civil War in Yemen?

65. What does Russian Mideast-related diplomatic activity signify?

66. The Significance of Events in Yemen for the Mideast Strategic Equation

67. America Should Not Make the Mistake of Adopting the Arab Interpretation of UN Resolution 242

68. No Agreement is Better than Another Bad Agreement with Iran

69. Who Bombed the Saudi Oil Storage Yard at Ras Tanura?

70. Is Israel on collision course with Biden administration?

71. The Israel-Russia-Syria deal: Cost, beneficiaries and future deals

72. Turkish-Iranian Rift: An Opportunity for Israel

73. Iran’s Winged Horse Rocket: Another Step Towards Global Reach

74. srael and the Palestinian Issue in the Biden Era

75. Time to Update Israeli Policy Toward Syria

76. Turkey, Pakistan: Inside the Ankara-Islamabad axis

77. Iran Must Not Be Allowed to Win the Nasty War in Yemen

78. Biden’s Eastern Mediterranean Agenda

79. More Loyal than the King

80. Israel should stay wary of Turkey’s gifts

81. Iran Raises the Stakes for Biden

82. Restoring American Bipartisan Commitment Towards Israel: A Moral Duty and Strategic Necessity

83. Why Pakistan won’t be next to normalize with Israel

84. Assessing the US strategy in Iraq

85. After Soleimani: Maintain the Pressure on Iran’s Nuclear Project

86. A large amount of noise and smoke

87. Understanding Israel’s War in the ‘Grey Zone’

88. From the Ocean to the Gulf: Normalization takes Hold

89. The Collapse of Palestinian Grand Strategy

90. Israel’s Role in Helping the Biden Administration Set Policy Towards Iran

91. Time for an Israeli Peace Initiative

92. US Must Protect Israel’s QME After F-35 Sale to UAE

93. China’s Alternative Vision for Gulf Security

94. Why Israelis Like Trump

95. Egypt’s Support of Normalization is part of the Mediterranean Alignment

96. Rabin’s True Legacy

97. China’s View of the Abraham Accords

98. The Lebanese-Israeli Maritime Border Talks: An Important Step Forward

99. The Beirut Disaster: A Chance for a Systemic Change in Lebanon?

100. The Israeli Interest: Keep Syria Weak