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1. Turkey’s struggling economy, regional isolation, behind latest charm offensive with Israel and other countries

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13. “The Montreux Petition” and Creeping Islamization of the Turkish Military

14. What does Russian Mideast-related diplomatic activity signify?

15. The Israel-Russia-Syria deal: Cost, beneficiaries and future deals

16. Turkish-Iranian Rift: An Opportunity for Israel

17. Time to Update Israeli Policy Toward Syria

18. Turkey, Pakistan: Inside the Ankara-Islamabad axis

19. Biden’s Eastern Mediterranean Agenda

20. Erdogan using deniable private militias to destabilize the Middle East

21. Israel should stay wary of Turkey’s gifts

22. Russia Attempts to Move Closer to Egypt as US Withdraws

23. Turkey’s Salafists, ISIS, and the Revolving Doors of Turkish Prisons

24. An EU response to Turkey’s increased aggressiveness

25. France Needs Israel as a Strong and Firm Ally

26. Unequivocal Diplomatic Support for the EEZ Agreement between Greece and Egypt

27. Israel, Greece, and the Turkish Challenge: Acute Testing Lies Ahead

28. The Tensions between Assad and Iran Present an Opportunity in Syria

29. Is Yemen Turkey’s Next Stop after Libya?

30. Erdogan’s Arc of Destabilization

31. Washington needs a policy in Libya as Turkey’s presence grows

32. Rising Tensions and Security Chaos in Syria’s Deraa Province

33. The Outlawing of Hezbollah in Germany

34. The Struggle for the Mediterranean: The EMGF Stake in the Libyan Civil War

35. Idlib, the next phase of the Turkish-Syrian conflict

36. Do Syria-Turkey clashes presage a wider confrontation in the Middle East?

37. The Struggle for the Eastern Mediterranean: Israel’s Role following the Berlin Summit on Libya

38. Israel-Greece-Cyprus take on Turkey in the Mediterranean

39. Putin’s surprise visit to Syria

40. Moscow, the Palestinians, and the Arab Spring that Never Was

41. Syria’s Return to the Arab Fold

42. Iranian-Russian Cooperation in Yemen

43. European Appeasement of Iran Endangers National Security in Europe

44. Israel’s European Dilemma

45. Venezuela: A Test Case for Russia and the US

46. Erdoğan is Not Invulnerable

47. Expose the Misdeeds of Iran’s Foreign Ministry

48. Turkey Sets Course against the West in the Mediterranean

49. A Stronger Mediterranean Partnership: Why More Than Gas is at Stake

50. Islamist Archipelago: The Turkey-Qatar Nexus

51. The Turkish Invasion of Northeast Syria

52. Beyond Outrage

53. Understanding the Dynamics behind Turkey’s ‘Operation Peace Spring”

54. Putin Is the New King of Syria

55. Israel, Europe and Russia: A New Paradigm?

56. The Russian Role in World Affairs: A View from Israel

57. Erdogan’s Dangerous Diagonal: What can be Done to Counter Turkey’s EEZ claims?

58. The Fighting Continues in Northern Syria

59. Russia-Israel Relations: Expectations and Reality

60. The Russians are… Leaving?

61. ‘Fix it or Nix it’ is the Wrong Approach

62. Waking Up to the Iranian Threat

63. The Arrest of Saleh Muslim: Escalation in Kurdish-Turkish Tensions

64. Hot Winds of the Cold War

65. After ‘Afrin: Make Erdogan Pay

66. European Policy after the Poisoning in Britain: Rhetoric or Action?

67. The Sultan’s Pleasure: Turkey Expands Operations in Syria and Iraq

68. Trump’s Promo?

69. Macron’s Message: Towards a New Deal with Iran?

70. Persuading Europe to pressure Iran

71. The Fourth Trilateral Eastern Mediterranean Summit

72. Erdogan: Anti-Semite and regional threat

73. 10 reasons to tank the F-35 jet sale to Turkey

74. Will Israel Once Again Turn its Back on Those Who Have Been on its Side?

75. Why Don’t Europeans Get It?

76. Thwart Turkey’s Jerusalem Incursion

77. The Fall of Dera’a

78. Hosting Viktor Orban is in Israel’s best interest

79. Diplomacy Backed by Military Force

80. Hamas Activities in Turkey against Israel

81. Erdogan’s Dilemma

82. The American Interpretation of Russia’s Conduct: The Case of Syria

83. The Real Story behind the Repatriation of Syrian Refugees

84. As the Middle East Turns: Domestic Unrest, Changing Partnerships, and an Unreliable United States

85. Common Objectives, Separate Interests

86. Angela Merkel’s Duplicity on Israel

87. Complications in Russian-Israeli Relations: Israel’s Aerial Freedom of Operation in Syria will be Preserved

88. Gaza and the Middle East “Camp of Stability”

89. China-Israel Relations: Growing Cooperation Amidst Conflicting Interests

90. Eastern Mediterranean Summitry

91. East Mediterranean Partnership Signals an Energy Revolution

92. Snubbing Matteo Salvini Makes No Sense

93. The Next Arena of Conflict: The Eastern Mediterranean

94. Trump’s Withdrawal from Syria: Not Unexpected and a Victory for the “Astana Three”

95. Mind-Blowing European Union Chutzpa

96. Greeting Vice President Pence

97. Erdogan’s Israel Obsession