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1. Israeli Apartheid and the West’s Dwindling Moral Credibility

2. Europe’s Post-Cold War Order Is No More

3. De-Securitising and Re-Prioritising EU-Iraq Relations

4. From Tectonic Shifts to Winds of Change in North Africa and the Middle East: Europe’s Role

5. Countering Zero-Sum Relations in the Middle East: Insights from the Expert Survey

6. One Belt One Voice: Chinese Media in Italy

7. Silk Road Academic Connections: China–Italy Cooperation in Higher Education and Its Implications for the West

8. China in Italy: Risk Assessment and Preventive Solutions

9. From Tectonic Shifts to Winds of Change in North Africa and the Middle East: Europe’s Role

10. The Belt and Road Initiative in Italy: The Ports of Genoa and Trieste

11. China's Belt and Road Initiative in Italy: An Analysis of Financial Cooperation

12. G20, COP26 and the Climate Emergency: Insights from Italian Public Opinion

13. The Italian G20 Presidency: A Post-Summit Assessment

14. Four Scenarios for the Iran Nuclear Deal

15. The Italy–France Treaty is an Example of Wise Diplomacy

16. Broadening the Transatlantic Partnership to Address the China Challenge

17. Italy, Atlanticism and the Biden Administration: Greater Convergence to Defuse Ambiguity on China

18. Russia and the COVID-19 Crisis: Hardship at Home, Soft Power Flexing Abroad

19. Unintended Consequences of EU External Action

20. Unintended Consequences of State-building Projects in Contested States: The EU in Palestine

21. Unintended Consequences of EU Democracy Support in the European Neighbourhood

22. EU External Action, Intention and Explanation

23. Narratives of Political Unity in Times of Differentiation

24. Italy's Unruly Rulers

25. Europe and Iran: The Economic and Commercial Dimensions of a Strained Relationship

26. Navigating the Unknown: Barriers to Evidence-Based Defence and Security Policy in the European Union

27. Overhauling EU Policy in the Mediterranean. Towards More Inclusive, Responsive and Flexible Policies

28. From 9/11 to Da'esh: What Role for the High Representative and the External Dimension of EU Counter-Terrorism Policies?

29. In Search of a Role for the High Representative: The Legacy of Catherine Ashton

30. The Neighbourhood Policy is Dead. What's Next for European Foreign Policy Along its Arc of Instability?

31. Strategy and Its Role in the Future of European Defence Integration

32. EU Foreign Policy and Political Islam: Towards a New Entente in the Post-Arab Spring Era?

33. Can the European Union be a Pole in a Multipolar World?

34. Rising Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean: Implications for Turkish Foreign Policy

35. François Hollande's Presidency:A New Era in French Foreign Policy?

36. Developments in and Obstacles to the US Pivot to Asia: What Alternatives for Europe?

37. "Mixed Signals" Still? The EU's Democracy and Human Rights Policy Since the Outbreak of the Arab Spring

38. The EU and the Libyan Crisis: In Quest of Coherence?

39. Does the European External Action Service Represent a Model for the Challenges of Global Diplomacy?

40. The European Union and the Reform of the UN Security Council: Toward a New Regionalism?

41. Rethinking the EU's Mediterranean Policies Post-1/11

42. A New Theoretical Perspective on EU Policy Toward its Eastern Neighbours

43. The Italian Foreign Ministry on the way of reform

44. Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Need for Triangulation

45. Turkey's New Foreign Policy and the Future of Turkey-EU Relations

46. Dilemmas of the 'Middle Continent': Russian strategy for Eastern Eurasia

47. Deepening and widening in European foreign and security policy

48. Why the European Union Needs a 'Broader Middle East' Policy

49. Not a Zero-Sum Game: Atlanticism and Europeanism in Italian Foreign Policy

50. European Foreign Policy Without Legal Personality?

51. Making Sense of Euro-Mediterranean Relations

52. Russia's Search for International Identity Through the Sovereign Democracy Concept

53. How to Exercise Europe's Power

54. How to Change Your Foreign Policy in 100 Days: A New Course with Prodi?

55. Does the EU have a Value-Driven Vision of the World?

56. In Search of Coherence in EU Foreign Policy

57. Saudi-Italian Relations During the Reign of King Fahd

58. Think Tanks as a Cooperative Factor in NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue

59. Russia, EU, U.S. and the Balkans: What Future?

60. Prosperity, Security, Democracy in the EU Perceptions Towards the Mediterranean

61. EU Security Towards the Mediterranean - The Role of Southern Europe

62. The EU Common Mediterranean Strategy: Impact on the Barcelona Process