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1. A Comparative Analysis of Human Rights Protection in European Union and African Union Countries: An fsQCA Approach

2. Through the Lenses of Morality and Responsibility: BRICS, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

3. International Dimensions of Authoritarian Persistence in the MENA Region: Revisiting US Foreign Aid to Egypt in the post-2011 Arab Uprisings Era

4. ntroduction to the Special Issue Anxiety and Change in International Relations

5. “Strong, but Anxious State”: The Fantasmatic Narratives on Ontological Insecurity and Anxiety in Turkey

6. Making Sense of Risky Haredi Behaviors in Israel During the Covid-19 Pandemic

7. Anxiety, Ambivalence and Sublimation: ontological in/security and the world risk society

8. Anxiety, Dissonance and Imperial Amnesia of the European Union

9. Taming Anxieties, Coping with Mnemonic Conflicts: Cultural Diplomacy of Crimean Tatar and Lithuanian American Diasporas through historical films

10. Identity change, anxiety and creativity: How 19th century Japan sought to leave Asia and become part of the West

11. “Ethnicizing” the EU’s involvement in post- conflict societies: The case of ontological insecurity in Republika Srpska

12. Ontological Insecurity, Anxiety, and Hubris: An Affective Account of Turkey-KRG Relations

13. Authoritarian Populism as a Response to Crisis: The Case of Brazil

14. Turkey as Normative Power: Connections with the Muslim Brotherhood during the Arab Spring

15. Beyond Geopolitics: A Geoeconomic Perspective of China-Iran Belt and Road Initiative Relations

16. Construction of European identity by the Pro- European Parties

17. The Complexity Effect in U.S.-Turkey Relations: The Restructuring of the Middle East Regional Security

18. A Litmus Test for the EU’s Longest Year: Solidarity Principle and Challenges by COVID-19 in 2020

19. Japan on the Borderlines: Is Japan Still a Civilian Power?

20. The Franco-German Rivarly in the Post-Brexit Europe